House Orlock Stake Their Claim In Necromunda This Week

October 19, 2020 by brennon

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It's not all Mortal Realms madness this week from Games Workshop as they also had a preview of what's coming this weekend to support Necromunda and specifically House Orlock. A new House Of Iron book is dropping, a sort of Codex for those playing as these weaponsmiths.

House Of Iron - Necromunda

House Of Iron // Necromunda

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House Of Iron comes packed with additional options for those playing as House Orlock in Necromunda. Available either in hardback as you can see above you can also get the book in digital format too. It comes with brand-new fighters, wargear, Gang Tactics and more which help you stake a claim on the Underhive.

Talking of new fighters, you'll now be able to call on some new miniatures in this set. Donning heavy armour, big guns and even more deadly hammers, this is a fun little package.

Orlock Arms Masters & Wreckers - Necromunda

Orlock Arms Masters & Wreckers // Necromunda

This will allow you to build a series of specialists and the equivalent of "Juves" in this new version of Necromunda. Strap on some jetpacks, lock in those power gauntlets and get ready to unleash your cyber-mastiffs on your foes!

Games of Necromunda thrive on good terrain with plenty of verticality so having this set with a bunch of jetpacks seems like an awesome addition. It should mean that you can get to places other gangs can't and use your advantageous positions to strike at your opponents.

Set Up Your Necromunda Gang Stronghold

Talking of terrain, you can also pre-order the new Zone Mortalis: Gang Stronghold this weekend.

Zone Mortalis Gang Stronghold - Necromunda

Zone Mortalis: Gang Stronghold // Necromunda

This set comes with those massive walls which protect against invaders and plenty of ports where you can set up guns to blast your foes. You've also got the walkways and towers which you can clamber around as you do battle with your enemies.

I think this is a good option for those playing Necromunda but it would also be good for anyone playing games like Kill Team or Warhammer 40,000 too. I'd like to see what people do with this when it comes to conversions and such!

What do you think?

"Games of Necromunda thrive on good terrain with plenty of verticality..."

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