Check Out Jin Lee’s Weird & Twisted FateSlayer 75mm Miniatures

March 13, 2020 by brennon

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Jin Lee is a sculptor who has dropped onto Kickstarter to fund the production of his resin 75mm miniatures for the range called FateSlayer+. Come and take a peek at this very strange mixture of sculpts for both heroes and demonic villains.

Fateslayer - Mini Boss Toys

All of the figures that have been designed for this range came from Jin Lee and will be produced in-house by him. Additional funds from the Kickstarter will go into not only producing the line of miniatures which we'll look at in more detail, but also the creation of the webstore and bringing more of FateSlayer to life.

Astra - Mini Boss Toys

There is something of the strange and twisted about the range that Lee has designed which reminds me of anime and manga games...maybe a bit of Dark Souls? The weapons are oversized and the sculpts for both the heroes and the villains are done in a brooding and heroic way.

Faris - Mini Boss Toys

All of the miniatures from the collection are, as mentioned before, produced in resin and would be a rather fun painting project for someone to dive into. At 75mm they are going to be display pieces rather than gaming pieces but there is still plenty of fun you could have with these.

Hkabb - Mini Boss Toys

Slaab - Mini Boss Toys

The demonic side of this range is also very interesting indeed. I love the mix between the Sci-Fi/Alien and traditional Fantasy that has been worked into these sculpts. It means that you could get away with doing something akin to the scheme on Xenomorphs perhaps and it would work really well. I have a feeling that these creatures would also be sticky. I don't know why, but they seem sticky and slimy.

Rotgut - Mini Boss Toys

One of my favourite miniatures from the collection is the biggest. Here we have The Judge who seems like a strange and ominous overlord who has been watching things unfold from afar. You could get stuck into painting the runes on the circles above his head with a bit of a glow, and maybe do the same underneath his cowl.

The Judge - Mini Boss Toys

I think this range would be a lot of fun to paint up and it's always good to support someone who is just starting out. As a change from other Kickstarters, this one actually shows off finished models, so you can get a sense of what you're getting rather than having to guess through a peek at renders.

What do you make of these first models from the FateSlayer range?

"What do you make of these first models from the FateSlayer range?"

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