Kaha Miniatures Send Joseph Luther Blackley Back In Time

April 30, 2015 by brennon

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Kaha Miniatures have sent another model back in time for their Time Traveller faction in Oroko. See what kind of time bending antics you can get up to with Joseph Luther Blackley!

Time To Put You To The Sword!

...is something I assume he would say if he was given the chance during a time travelling adventure back into the past (or indeed future). I love the 'en garde' style stance and the overall detail of the piece is top notch; even down to the filigree on the gun.

Joseph Luther Blackley

I could see the model being, obviously, part of the Oroko range but also a Steampunk explorer fighting Sky Pirates atop a blimp somewhere over Europe!

...My Second!

If you're looking for an alternative model to use or indeed a fellow fighter for Joseph then how about Sir Metford Mulvey who is also available from Kaha Miniatures?

Sir Metford-Mulvey

Both models are superbly characterful and while they have different outfits they are tied together by a few similar properties like the way their weapons are made and a few of the accessories attached to their clothing.

Which do you prefer?

"I could see the model being a Steampunk explorer fighting Sky Pirates..."

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