Knight Models Are Taking A Walk In Gotham

November 15, 2019 by avernos

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Knight Models have been giving us more details on their return to Gotham for the third edition of the Batman Miniature Game and this time they're walking us through movement.


Mobility, positioning and environmental control are a fundamental part of combat in the confines of Gotham City. If you have control of the gaming area, you will have control of the game.

Most obviously, in order to attack your enemies with ranged weaponry, you must have a good line of sight to your target. To do this, you need to draw a clear line to physical block of the target (the enemy model’s head, body and legs). We ignore arms, weapons, decorative elements and any scenic items on the model’s base for these purposes. The opponent will usually seek Cover behind scenery pieces that completely block or at least partially obscure line of sight, so it’s vital that you find a good vantage point from which to attack.

To manoeuvre around the board, all models have a Movement skill listed on their character card, which tells you the model’s basic move distance in inches (“). As a result of some traits or equipment, that distance can be modified. Also, the tabletop terrain can impair your movement as you are forces to jump or climb over it. Movement can never be blocked by other models (although you can’t end your move on top of them!). Also, remember that ‘physical block’ of head, torso and legs we talked about earlier? Tabletop scenery does not block a model’s movement as long as that portion of the model would fit through it, making movement around the city simpler and more dynamic.


The main characters of the crews are mounted on larger bases, reflecting their tremendous potential and imposing abilities. For example, the Boss of each crew has an Inspire rule, which is given a greater radius due to the Boss’s base size. This rule allows your henchmen to place Suspect markers, or remove those of the enemy, and are often key to achieving your Objectives. Learning how best to use these powerful characters in combination with your henchmen will prove the key to victory…

As you can see those epic bases for key characters are not only their for the painters but help represent the presence of these titans on the tabletop and should pose a definite question in how you can threaten and control areas on the board with them.

Are you coming back to Gotham?

"Learning how best to use these powerful characters in combination with your henchmen will prove the key to victory…"

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