Knight Models Drop DC, Batman & Harry Potter Releases For August

July 30, 2018 by brennon

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Knight Models has released a bevvy of new models for the Batman Miniatures Game, the DC Universe Miniatures Game and Harry Potter! We'll start off where all good stories begin and that is introducing you to the new villains of the piece.

Poison Ivy - Knight Models

Taking the lead is Poison Ivy here who gets herself an amazing new model and a set of angry looking flowers which are focused towards devouring her enemies. When it comes to the other villains that have taken to the streets of Gotham we have...

Falcone Crime Family

Falcone Crime Family - Knight Models

Joker Clowns

Joker Clowns - Knight Models

Joker's Daughter

Joker's Daughter - Knight Models

Talia Al'Ghul

Talia Al Ghul - Knight Models

King Shark

King Shark - Knight Models

King Shark is clearly the best model from this range of villainous releases. I am going to be clearly painting him up as one of the Street Sharks...

It's not all just bad guys though, of which there is quite the rogue's gallery, as there are some heroes to throw into the mix as well. Maybe if things go insanely badly you might end up running into Batman from his nightmarish view of the future.

Batman Nightmare - Knight Models

Back in the traditional future of DC, however, we have Batgirl who might take to the streets to try and take on some of these challenging villains.

Batgirl - Knight Models

If you want to go a little bit off book then there's plenty to check out including Huntress...

Huntress - Knight Models

...and this pair known as Blue Beetle & Booster Gold. Yep, I have no idea who they are either...

Blue Beetle & Booster Bold - Knight Models

The new material really does appear to produce some stunning paint schemes that's for sure. You see a lot of detail across the various sculpts and it is a big step up from what we've seen before with the old metal characters.

Lovegood The Lioness

As well as these new miniatures from the DC and Batman universes we also have a new miniature for Luna Lovegood for the Harry Potter Miniatures Game.

Luna Lovegood - Knight Models

She is presented in her costume that she wore to support Gryffindor during their Quidditch games. I always thought Luna Lovegood was an amazing character in the books and she was played rather darn well in the movies too.

Which of the new releases will you be snapping up from Knight Models this time around? 

"Which of the new releases will you be snapping up from Knight Models this time around? "

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