Knuckleduster Welcome New Plainsmen To Gunfighter’s Ball

August 22, 2019 by brennon

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Knuckleduster Miniatures has been previewing some new characters who are coming to Gunfighter's Ball. This Plainsmen collection will number six figures in total and feature such characters as Wild Bill Hickok.

Wild Bill Hickok - Knuckleduster Miniatures

This take on Wild Bill Hickok is based on a photograph which was taken back in the day, turning him into quite the Penny Dreadful-style hero. This would be a pretty good fit for Wild Bill when he was out on the frontier during his scouting days and it's nice to see a good mix between the Historical and a little bit of a pulpy comic book side too.

We also have this fellow, Al Seiber, Chief Of Scouts in the world of Gunfighter's Ball. He looks like a rather commanding figure, still as much a gunslinger and larger than life character as Hickok.

Al Seiber - Knuckleduster Miniatures

I think one of the cool things about the Knuckleduster range is that they pushed things a little bit into the 'heroic' end of the spectrum. Yes, these are Historical characters and based on their real-life counterparts but everything has been given a little bit extra here and there to make them feel more animated and heroic.

Last but not least we have the very famous Annie Oakley!

Annie Oakley - Knuckleduster Miniatures

She was another keen-eyed sharpshooter who won many competitions back in the day and whilst she most likely never took her skills anywhere other than the shooting range, it would be fun to see just how a gang of bandits would do when faced by this sure shooting lady!

Have you been won over by these additional characters for Gunfighter's Ball?

"Last but not least we have the very famous Annie Oakley!"

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