Knuckleduster’s Wild West Gunfighter’s Ball Gets New Terrain!

October 7, 2022 by brennon

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Knuckleduster Miniatures has been putting together some new terrain kits and more that can be used to decorate the Wild West tabletops of Gunfighter's Ball. All of the kits here are 28mm meaning that it should work with a variety of larger terrain sets out there as decoration.

Cabin Furniture - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Cabin Furniture // Knuckleduster Miniatures

There are three different sets of terrain for you to choose from which will make your terrain feel lived in. The Cabin Furniture set above would be great for a good selection of houses out on the frontier or perhaps a shack somewhere deep in the woods at the foot of a mountain.

Similarly, the Blacksmith Accessories would be a neat way to build up the character around a town that is going to get raided by bandits soon!

Blacksmith Accessories - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Blacksmith Accessories // Knuckleduster Miniatures

I like that you get all of the gubbins plus a rather tired-looking Blacksmith who is probably a bit knackered from a day's hard work. Maybe he will end up putting their hammer to good use when it comes to cracking bandit heads.

The last of the sets is the perfect place to set up a bit of looting! Rifle through some fella's Office in search of your objective.

Office Accessories - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Office Accessories // Knuckleduster Miniatures

I want folks to be trying to blow open that safe and raid that bookcase for important files. I do like the idea of having to battle through a town, into a building and then through its interior to get to the look. Maybe you even fancy trying to wheel the safe out of the building wholesale?!

New Miniatures

As well as the terrain accessories, there are also three kits of miniatures that we've seen previewed before here on the site. The Mounted Hollywood Cavalry are on the way now...

Mounted Hollywood Cavalry - Knuckleduster Miniatures OCT

Mounted Hollywood Cavalry // Knuckleduster Miniatures, you can also pick up the plastic Bison Herd which is going to be prime territory for a bit of rustling!

Bison Herd - Knuckleduster Miniatures

Bison Herd // Knuckleduster Miniatures

I think this shows off the fun range of scenarios that you can build around the Wild West. Bank jobs, train robberies, cattle rustling, straight-up saloon scraps and more. With Wild West movies so prevalent in many a wargamer's mind, it makes games like Gunfighter's Ball really fun as you recreate your favourite moments.

It should also be noted that a set of HO Scale Track Crew are also available from Knuckleduster if you're seeking to make a diorama or piece of terrain for use in your games.

So, are you going to be diving into this new set of releases from Knuckleduster?

"I think this shows off the fun range of scenarios that you can build around the Wild West..."

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