Kromlech Tease More Hospodar Dwarves For June 2021

May 26, 2021 by brennon

Kromlech has teased the coming of more of their Hospodar Dwarves for those looking to snap up a new Fantasy army. June signals the coming of more support for these Eastern European themed Dwarves who are ready to descend from their mountain homes.

Hospodars - Second Wave Reveal // Kromlech

The new wave of miniatures comes with seven new packs for you to pick up. There are going to be options for Hospodar Riflemen and their Command plus Hospodar Miners and their Command. You'll also be able to pick up a new Hospodar Organ Gun to supplement the Cannon that is already available. Finally, a pair of Boyarinas are going to cap things off armed with different weapons.

I like this alternative look at such a Fantasy staple. I think it works really well and I reckon a lot of people are going to be snapping these up to make armies for their Fantasy games. It's like Dwarves mixed with Kislev which all works well in my mind!

Are you going to be picking up the second wave of releases?

"I like this alternative look at such a Fantasy staple..."

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