Kromlech Drop More Teasers For Orktober 2021! Bikes, Mechs & More

September 16, 2021 by brennon

Kromlech is firing things up for the Sci-Fi awesomeness that is Orktober 2021. We're still a month out but Kromlech has dropped a bunch of new trailers and teasers showing off some of the new kits that you're going to be able to snap up.

Orc Blitzbike Boss Squad // Kromlech

The first of these is a set of bikers for your Orc armies on the tabletop. If you're looking to make a highly mobile force on the tabletop then these are probably going to be worth snapping up. I like that you've got a good mix of different contraptions to play with including one which is very eager to mash you up.

Next up, we also have the leader of this particular army. Bosh things together with Dreadsmasha!

Mech-Boss Dreadsmasha With Retinue // Kromlech

Not only do you get the named Mech-Boss but you also get a strange group of hangers-on who have come to join him in his quest to squish all the humies. You've got a fun-loving goblin in the mix alongside some squigs which have been very heavily mechanised.

We also got a look at another of the big mechanical behemoths that will be popping up in October.

Mega-Clanker // Kromlech

The folks at Kromlech have been doing a lot of stuff! There are plenty of big new resin kits on the way for you to play around with. With Orcs being at the forefront of so many folks minds right now, it's neat to see Kromlech filling the gaps with unique options for your armies.

Here's a closer look at some of the miniatures from the trailers...

Orc Blitzbike Boss Squad - Kromlech

Orc Blitzbike Boss Squad // Kromlech

Mech Boss Dreadsmasha With Retinue - Kromlech

Mech Boss Dreadsmasha With Retinue // Kromlech

Mega-Clanker - Kromlech

Mega-Clanker // Kromlech

It is becoming increasingly harder to not pick up an Orc army. I still love the idea of a bunch of tinkerers and such where the Grots and Gretchin are leading the way! Maybe one day in the future I'll take the leap and have a pop at this weird idea.

Are you liking these new teasers for Orktober?

"It is becoming increasingly harder to not pick up an Orc army..."

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