Limbo Tease New Eternal War Sculpts Ahead Of August 1st Kickstarter

July 30, 2018 by brennon

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Limbo Miniatures are going to be taking their amazing sculpting to Kickstarter soon for Eternal War. On August 1st you'll be able to check out more models like this one, Veronique, Titanic Protector.

Veronique Titanic Protector - Limbo Miniatures

Now, when I saw this I thought it was pretty Final Fantasy-esque and then I saw the spellcaster in the middle who was clearly controlling this titanic warrior that went from 'pretty much' to 'yes entirely'.

The model is superb and you could almost imagine it coming to life as a Summon in a game like Final Fantasy couldn't you? I've been loving all of the designs we've seen so far for Limbo's Eternal War and Charles Agius has done a superb job on this particular piece.

Demonic Armies & Painted Heroes

Giving you a taste of what is coming for the evil forces of Eternal War we had this look at the entire Demonic horde.

Eternal War Evil Army - Limbo Miniatures

How could you not be somewhat excited by all of that? We've been seeing these miniatures in more and more detail over the coming months and this really did make me sit up and take notice. Once again the miniatures straddle that line between Renaissance-inspired sculptures and anime characters!

You can actually see one of the finished miniatures all painted up by Aythami Alonso Torrent here showing off what one of the models might look like when it's tabletop ready.

Captain Godfrey - Limbo Miniatures

If they manage to get near to that quality of sculpting across the entire range then I would say that folks have a lot of fun things to look forward to with Limbo and Eternal War.

Are you tempted to jot this one down in the diary? 

"...the miniatures straddle that line between Renaissance-inspired sculptures and anime characters"

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