Mantic Games Discuss The Core Structure Of Epic Warpath!

November 30, 2023 by brennon

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Mantic Games is diving deep into the design behind their upcoming wargame, Epic Warpath, which is going to be coming to Kickstarter next year in February. In their latest article about the game, they explored the Core Structure of the game.

Unit Basing - Epic Warpath

Unit Basing // Epic Warpath

First up, we learned about units and basing in Epic Warpath. Your army will consist of a number of Units that represent squadrons, platoons and collections of vehicles like bikes, walkers, tanks and more. Within those Units, there will be a series of bases (between three and six).

Units of infantry might be made up of six bases, for example, whereas tanks and walkers could be in sets of three bases. Command elements could be two bases or even one depending on how powerful they are. An example of how these bases and the miniatures on them go together was featured for the Enforcers (see above).

This is all pretty common stuff but starts to give you an idea of what design they want for armies and how many miniatures you might expect to find within an army when it hits the tabletop.

Turn Structure

As well as looking at unit basing, Mantic also explored the Turn Structure of the game. Your turn will be broken down into these phases...

  • Command Phase
  • Movement Phase
  • Overwatch Phase
  • Combat Phase
  • End Phase

Kicking things off, there is the Command Phase where you'll roll for Initiative, roll your Command Dice and then place Action Tokens by your units. These tokens are placed face down and look something like this.

Command Phase Options - Epic Warpath

Command Phase Options // Epic Warpath

Mantic then went into detail about what these tokens mean. Overwatch means that a unit will not move but will be first to fire. Advance means that your unit can move and will be able to shoot later in the turn. Sprint means you cannot shoot but you can move further and engage in melee combat.

Again, all rather easy to get your head around which is always good for a game where the larger strategy is going to be key. Mantic also mentioned Command Dice which can be used to gain Strategic Orders alongside re-rolls and extra activations. Unspent Command Points are not carried over between turns so you'll want to make the most of them. It also helps to showcase the fluctuating state of battle.

This all sounds like it's going in the right direction and it will be fun to see how the game develops over the course of the next few months!

Will you be keeping an eye out for more information on Epic Warpath?

" will be fun to see how the game develops over the course of the next few months!"

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