Meridian Kickstart New 28mm Victorian Pedlars And Street Criers

March 23, 2022 by brennon

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Meridian Miniatures has taken to Kickstarter once more with a different sort of campaign. Instead of crafting soldiers, Andrew May has taken to making the regular folk who wander the streets of Victorian cities!

Victorian Pedlars & Street Criers - Meridian Miniatures

Victorian Pedlars & Street Criers Kickstarter // Meridian Miniatures

This set of miniatures has been based on the regular working folk who find themselves having to deal with the day-to-day realities of life. Look back through black and white photos and these are the kinds of people that you'd see captured in stark moments of bemusement as they see some gentleman taking pictures of them.

Rat Catcher Pedlar, Flower Seller - Meridian Miniatures.jpg

Rat Catcher,  Pedlar, Flower Seller // Meridian Miniatures

This collection simply does what it says on the tin. It offers up a range of miniatures that could be used to add colour to your Victorian street scenes. May looked over hundreds of images and picked out the best to use as inspiration. It really does give you a good slice of life from the streets of cobbled Victorian cities and towns.

Pickle Seller News Crier Pet Meat Merchant - Meridian Miniatures

Pickle Seller, News Crier, Pet Meat Merchant // Meridian Miniatures

I like that there are your standard townsfolk like the News Crier and then you have a quirky Pickle Seller and a "Pet Meat Merchant". Does that mean he sells dog and cat meat? Or does he sell meat to pets?

Firewood Vendor Fruit Seller Organ Grinder - Meridian Miniatures

Firewood Vendor, Fruit Seller, Organ Grinder // Meridian Miniatures

You've also got great miniatures like the Organ Grinder here who comes with his own pet monkey! You could use these in Historical games set on Dickensian streets or perhaps something more Gothic? You could even go as far as to add them into Lovecraftian worlds.

Blind Beggar Sandwich Board Man Rabbit Seller - Meridian Miniatures

Blind Beggar, Sandwich Board Man, Rabbit Seller // Meridian Miniatures

I like the idea of using them as regular folk on the tabletop but someone, maybe a games master, has rolled randomly to decide which of them are actually creatures or cultists in disguise! That means that you could find yourself surrounded by evil-doers before you even know what's happening!

You have one pledge option to worry about and it gets you the twelve miniatures you see above. Nice and easy!

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"You have one pledge option to worry about and it gets you the twelve miniatures you see above. Nice and easy! "

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