Metal King Releases The Seeker’s Handbook For Relicblade

April 26, 2017 by stvitusdancern

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A recent entry into the adventure miniatures realm has been Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game. Now the man behind the curtain at Metal King Studio, Sean Sutter is finishing up the final touches on his latest Kickstarter campaign and now can take those wave two items to retail. In this wave, he has a new campaign supplement available titled The Seeker's Handbook.

Within this new tome, you will find 110 pages of the core rules as well as the campaigns to extend your adventures deep in the wilds and face untold monsters and horrors all in the name of treasure and glory.

  • The complete core rules for Relicblade.
  • Updated Special Rules and Advanced Rules sections.
  • Wonders and Horrors Adventure Campaign Rules Supplement.
  • Take on the role of a seeker, a mysterious trans-dimensional being, to gather bold followers, fight for glory, and use your mystical influence to challenge destiny!
  • Rules for linking games into an ongoing adventure.
  • Six scenarios that force players into challenging and exciting tactical situations.
  • Four unique environments to explore: Cyclopean Ruins, Arid Badlands, Fay Forests, and Dark Dungeons. Each with unique treasures, monsters, and events.
  • Rare and wondrous treasures waiting to be discovered.
  • Dangerous wild monster rules with a bestiary of known horrors.
  • Monster Field Guide for identifying nearly infinite varieties of horrible creatures! (Unique Monster Generator!)
  • Fully indexed rules for easy reference

I have been watching this one for some time, and I would be really interested in learning more about this game.

So why not jump over to their site and check it out for yourself. If you hurry and order it now you can get yourself a Pack Yak, yes you read that right a Pack Yak. How cool is that!

Do you like small skirmish adventure games?

"I have been watching this one for some time, and I would be really interested in learning more about this game..."

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