Mighty Fantasy Saurians March To War From OnePageRules

January 6, 2021 by brennon

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We saw some epic looking Robot Legions miniatures from OnePageRules yesterday and today we're peeking at their 3D Printable Saurians for use in your Fantasy games like Age Of Fantasy and Age Of Fantasy Skirmish thanks to their Patreon.

Saurians - OnePageRules

Saurians // OnePageRules

Much like with the Robot Legions, this set allows you to get stuck into building the core of a reptilian force for your Fantasy games. Leading the way we have a Veteran who is armed with a brutal and magical looking blade.

Veteran - OnePageRules

Saurian Veteran // OnePageRules

I reckon that I'd go for a deep red or blue for the skin on these Saurians with plenty of bronze for the weapons and armour. You would certainly add some glow effects around the orb in the centre of the spear blade I think too.

When it comes to the elite portion of the Saurian army then you've got these excellent Riders who come mounted on wild-looking dinosaurs.

Riders - OnePageRules

Saurian Riders // OnePageRules

The style and aesthetic for these miniatures is very much in line with the classic approach that many companies take towards Lizardmen. There is a definitive Aztec/Mayan feel going on here which is no bad thing of course and they would work really nicely with Seraphon in Age Of Sigmar perhaps.

You can also add in some core troops too with these Warriors which can be armed with spears and a selection of regular hand weapons.

Saurian Warriors - OnePageRules

Saurian Warriors // OnePageRules

All of these miniatures are posed exceptionally well and I think they will be fun for skirmish games and larger mass battle games too. People really do love their Lizardmen and they seem like the perfect way to test out some new Contrast paints!

What do you make of these slithering Saurians?

"People really do love their Lizardmen and they seem like the perfect way to test out some new Contrast paints!"

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