Join Starfleet With Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures Captain’s Bundle

April 25, 2019 by dracs

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Modiphius have announced that they are releasing a Star Trek Adventures Captain's Bundle, giving you all the rules and supplements you need to play your games as part of Starfleet.

The bundle is made up of the core rulebook, as well as the three Division supplements, detailing different aspects of Starfleet.

The Operations Division takes you into the engines and security departments of Starfleet.

As well as plenty of information for running games based around the Operations Division, this supplement also includes Star Trek Adventures: Red Alert, a set of 2D20 rules for miniatures combat.

The Command Division supplement sets you at the controls of Starfleet's various starships, putting you in the middle of galactic diplomacy.

It also features new rules for running Admiralty-level campaigns, letting you command entire fleets of ships, or run your own starbase.

Finally, The Science Division is the supplement that could best be described as... Fascinating.

This is the book that lets you really let your imagination loose, whether that means coming up with your own alien species and worlds, or bring the Q into your games for some extra-dimensional shenanigans.

All together, this bundle includes everything you need to play out a pretty comprehensive game within the universe of Star Trek. The idea of running a starbase is particularly appealing, as it presents plenty of opportunity for interesting drama and conflict.

What role would you want in Starfleet?

"Bring the Q into your games for some extra-dimensional shenanigans."

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