Mongoose Send Dinosaurs Stomping Over Judge Dredd

March 16, 2014 by dracs

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Mongoose Publishing have come up with some extra rules for scenarios in which the dinosaurs step out of pre-history and into the Cursed Earth of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game.

Judge Dredd Dinosaur

In Mega-City One’s past history , recovered dinosaur DNA was used to create clones for the Dinosaur National Park. When the Atomic War ravaged the city, the dinosaurs were able to escape their confines and while most were recaptured or exterminated, many found their way into the Cursed Earth where they thrived.

It's Judge Dredd vs Dinosaurs. If that sentence doesn't have you squealing with excitement than you obviously never had a childhood.

Judge Dredd Dinosaurs

The rules for including these dinos can be found on Mongoose' blog, while models to represent the ancient beasties can be found in your local toy store, or if you are mean you can raid your kid's toy box.

The inclusion of dinosaurs into a game sounds like a really fun way to liven up a scenario or campaign. The image of Judges blasting away at a T-Rex can't fail to bring out your inner kid, laughing gleefully at the wanton destruction.

Fancy trying to make these dinosaurs extinct again?

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