Meet Some Of Necromunda’s New Underhive Criminal Royalty!

July 20, 2022 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been previewing more of the new Necromunda miniatures that will soon be available to snap up. If you're looking to bathe in the glow of Criminal Royalty then maybe you might visit the leaders of the Gorvos Crime Syndicate.

Vunder Gorvos & Gaen - Necromunda

Vunder Gorvos & Gaen // Necromunda

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Leading the way is the potentially "all style and no substance" Vunder Gorvos. He might look like a little bit of an upstart git but he can still gun you down with those master-crafted stub guns. He is then flanked by his more furious and capable sister, Gaen.

Vunder Gorvos Details - Necromunda

Vunder Gorvos Details // Necromunda

Vunder is a self-styled royal member of the Underhive and you'd be forgiven for thinking so thanks to his attire, weapons and Xenos pet. He is, by all accounts, a proper buffoon but that doesn't stop him from using that sword with some degree of skill.

Gaen is the Gunk Queen and she is very much focused on the day-to-day business of running a syndicate. This includes using her gunk bombs and gunk rounds to frustrate her allies. She also has some poisoned throwing knives for when things get nasty.

Gaen Details - Necromunda

Gaen Gorvos Details // Necromunda

If you're looking for some more dramatis personae in your Necromunda games then you can't go too far wrong when it comes to this pair. Gaen has even gone to great lengths to hire her brother out to any gang that will take him. The hope is that he might catch a stray bullet or two and she can take on the mantle as head of the Gorvos family.

Watch out for these miniatures popping up from Forge World in the near future.

Are you tempted to snap up this pair?

"Gaen has even gone to great lengths to hire her brother out to any gang that will take him..."

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