Necromunda’s House Van Saar Gets A Technological Upgrade

November 23, 2020 by brennon

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Necromunda's House Van Saar is the next faction to get themselves a new book to help expand upon their options in this grimdark skirmish game by Games Workshop. House Of Artifice will provide new unit options, weapons and more for this rather advanced Underhive gang.

House Of Artifice - Necromunda

House Of Artifice // Necromunda

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As well as being a new well of knowledge concerning the background of House Van Saar, you'll also find new ways to use these fighters in your games of Necromunda.

This means unique and bizarre new technological advancements, gang-specific strategies which make them play akin to the lore and the option for new gang members like the Archeoteks and Neoteks.

Neoteks - Necromunda

Neoteks // Necromunda

Neoteks are essentially your new Juves for use alongside House Van Saar. They might have mastered a few of the technological options available to their gang but they like to spend most of their time on their grav-cutters, avoiding the dangerous confines of the Underhive as they zoom about in the sky.

By comparison, you've also got the more learned Archeoteks who are now able to bring to bear some of the most sophisticated and devastating kit available to Van Saar.

Archeoteks - Necromunda

Archeoteks // Necromunda

I think the new models we're seeing here certainly take things in a different direction for Necromunda. This ain't no nuts n' bolts Goliath gang you're facing! There is a real sense of the High Sci-Fi about these particular additions to the Necromunda range and I like that it sets them apart from the other gangs so distinctly.

Archeoteks & Neoteks - Necromunda

Archeoteks & Neoteks // Necromunda

The new models won't be for everyone but if you're looking for a faction to play which is focused on being sleek and deadly as opposed to heavy and thuggish then this might be the set for you. I know a few people who have really enjoyed seeing the different options that Van Saar have to play with and there are plenty of excellently painted gangs out there too.

What do you make of these new options for House Van Saar?

"I know a few people who have really enjoyed seeing the different options that Van Saar have to play with..."

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