Meet New Blades & Souls Heroes From Lucid Eye

October 19, 2020 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has produced four new characters for you to use in your dungeon delving adventures. The 28mm Blades & Souls range now features some mighty fine heroes and something monstrous for you to tackle down in the depths of a dank and dark dungeon dwelling.

Barbarian - Lucid Eye

Barbarian // Lucid Eye

The first of these miniatures is the Dungeon Adventurer Barbarian who is standing in quite the classic Fantasy hero pose. You could see him being a good character to use in your roleplaying games or as the leader of your skirmishing warband. The only reason I'd prefer to use him in an RPG is that he's not actually fighting and I prefer that in my skirmish miniatures to give me a sense of the action going on atop the table.

If you're looking for another fur-clad warrior to use in your games then you also have this Half-Orc who looks like he could smash a few heads in.

Half-Orc - Lucid Eye

Half-Orc // Lucid Eye

With an exceptionally big axe and a scowl that could frighten away an ogre, I think this fellow would be another great choice for someone playing a Fighter or Barbarian in their games. You could even tweak things and turn him into a Paladin to some wild and nature-based god.

Lastly for the heroes, we've got this fun little Gnome! Whilst this chap has something of the gardener about him he also looks like he could cut you open with a swing of that axe.

Gnome - Lucid Eye

Gnome // Lucid Eye

I love the idea of playing a character who looks charming and friendly but in actual fact is rather brutal and bloody. I think that tends to be the case with a lot of Fae creatures including this Gnome!

Something Monstrous!

If you're looking for something monstrous then you also have this Ogre which looks like it could have been taken from a story like Beowulf.

Ogre - Lucid Eye

Ogre // Lucid Eye

I like the broken and twisted take on the Ogre we've got here rather than a towering and lumbering blubber-beast as we see in typical Fantasy settings. If you're doing something a little bit darker and want to throw your players off the scent when wargaming or roleplaying then this could be a neat option.

What do you make of this new selection of miniatures?

"What do you make of this new selection of miniatures?"

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