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Demons, Kings & More Arrive From Lucid Eye This Month


Lucid Eye has released three new sets for those diving into a bit of Fantasy wargaming on the tabletop. We start with something monstrous and demonic in the form of Bethamel, Guardian Of The Hall Of A Thousand Lamentations.

Companion Elves & Stinky Trolls From Lucid Eye’s Collection


Lucid Eye are continuing their release of new miniatures for The Red Book Of The Elf King and beyond this week.

Community Spotlight: Star Trek Away Teams, Oldhammer & Runequesting!


We head off to adventure in the world of Star Trek, build up an Empire army worthy of the Old World and then delve into a bit of Runequest!

Cult Of Games XLBS: No One Expects The Nostalgic Inqusition!


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS where nostalgia is taking hold and everything that was old is new again. We explore hobby passion projects and indulgent ideas!

Check Out New Skyclad Elves & Cruel Lords From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has been working away on some great new releases for those wanting to add to their 28mm Fantasy collections. We start with a new character for The Red Book Of The Elf King and Chaelech Once Cruel. 

Beautiful Breas Joins Lucid Eye’s Jim Fitzpatrick Collection


Lucid Eye has built on its expansive Jim Fitzpatrick collection with a brand new miniature. Here is Breas The Beautiful, another of their stunning 28mm metal Fantasy miniatures which could be used for all manner of different games!

Wild West Heroes, Dungeon Fodder & More From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has released a bunch of new miniatures for those trying all sorts of different games. If you're into your Wild West wargaming then you now have two characters to snap up. We start with Sundown Ray!

New Lucid Eye Miniatures Released; Hobgoblins & Mooners!


Lucid Eye has put together a few new Fantasy releases for their Blades & Souls collection. This new set are all available in metal and give you a few 28mm miniatures to use in your roleplaying games, skirmish wargames and more.

Lucid Eye Bring Ancient Mercenaries To Their Ziggurat World


Lucid Eye is expanding the world of Ziggurat even more with five more sets of metal miniatures. These could be used in your Historical games or for something a little more Fantasy-based if you want to get mythological!

Lucid Eye Chariots Herald An Amazonian Battleclan


Lucid Eye has released a new set of miniatures for those wanting to explore their Fantasy world of Ziggurat a little more. Inspired by Bronze Age history, myth and legends, a bunch of new Chariots are now available for you to use as part of an Amazon Battleclan.

Lucid Eye Unleash New Death Dealer & Sci-Fi Simian Grunts


Lucid Eye has a number of new releases which cross the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.

Lucid Eye Release Jim FitzPatrick St Patrick Miniature


Lucid Eye has released their new Collectible Miniature based on the artwork by Jim FitzPatrick! His artwork for St Patrick has now been turned into an excellent 28mm miniature for you to use in your Fantasy games.

Lucid Eye Reveal This Month’s Ziggurat + Blades & Souls Minis


Lucid Eye has added a bunch of new releases into the mix for their Ziggurat and Blades & Souls collections.

The War Of The Simians Begins In Lucid Eye’s Savage Core


Lucid Eye has introduced a new set of 28mm miniatures for those venturing Beyond The Savage Core.

Lucid Eye Release Myriad Of New Fantastical Miniatures


Lucid Eye has been showing off a bunch of new 28mm releases for a selection of their different ranges.

Unboxing: Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer | Lucid Eye


Gerry unboxes the awesome Death Dealer in 28mm from Lucid Eye based on the artwork by Frank Frazetta. 

A New Frazetta Death Dealer Battles The Gods With Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has added another Fantasy miniature to their Death Dealer collection based on the artwork by Frank Frazetta.

Lucid Eye Add To Their Menagerie Of Monster Miniatures


Lucid Eye has released a bunch of new options for their Blades & Souls, Ziggurat and Elf King Red ranges.

Wow! Pop-Up Wargaming Terrain In Upzone Kickstarter + Biggest Dragon Miniature Ever? #Weekender


Easy pop-up wargaming terrain from Upzone, the biggest Dragon miniatures we've seen yet and a look at the excellent miniatures by Lucid Eye Publications in Indie Of The Week.

Lucid Eye Summon Up New Blades & Souls Miniatures


Lucid Eye has expanded upon their Blades & Souls miniatures collection with four new packs for you to snap up.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Submariners & Stone Age Wargaming!


Warren returns to us this week for Cult Of Games XLBS and he's got some interesting thoughts to share with us on underwater wargaming and Stone Age adventures. 

Meet New Blades & Souls Heroes From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has produced four new characters for you to use in your dungeon delving adventures.

Weekender: The Most Twisted Steampunk Minis & WIN Lumineth Realm-lords Age Of Sigmar Army


Today on the OnTableTop Weekender! We explore some amazing Twisted Steampunk minis from Demented Games as well as exploring loads of news from the tabletop wargaming world. 

Tackle Rick Priestley & Lucid Eye’s Skirmish Game, Elf King Red


Making it easier to dive into the world of The Red Book Of The Elf King, Lucid Eye and Rick Priestley have teamed up once again to create a smaller variant of the wargame called Elf King Red.

Lucid Eye Unlock The Cosmic Vault & Meet A Frazetta Queen


Lucid Eye has been showing off three new releases for their various collections.

Lucid Eye Announce A New Death Dealer & More


Four new miniatures are now available for you to pick up from Lucid Eye for their Fantasy, Weird and iconic ranges. We lead the way with the new Death Dealer miniature which is based on another piece of iconic Frank Frazetta art. 

New Savage Core & Ziggurat Releases From Lucid Eye This Week


Three new releases are now available from Lucid Eye for those looking to add to the worlds of Ziggurat and Beyond The Savage Core.

Lucid Eye Release Second Frazetta Death Dealer Miniature


Lucid Eye is back with a vengeance as they released their second Frank Frazetta Death Dealer miniature, based on the artwork of the famous Fantasy artist. Check out this raging warrior. 

Wild Ixeon The Centaur Charges Into Lucid’s Ziggurat


Lucid Eye has been showing off a new release for the world of Ziggurat which is a bit different than the others. Here we have Wild Ixeon The Centaur, a wild and dangerous warrior who looks like he has seen many a battle.

Lucid Eye Present Their First Frazetta Death Dealer Miniature


Lucid Eye has now released their first miniature in the Frank Frazetta Death Dealer range. Available for pre-order now, you can snag yourself the Death Dealer Mounted model for your Fantasy armies.

Lead The Sea People To Victory With Lucid Eye’s New Queen


Lucid Eye continues to add more characters into the mix for Ziggurat as they introduce us to the Sea People Queen this week.

Lucid Eye Announces Frazetta Death Dealer Range!


Lucid Eye has expanded its range once more as they take on the art of Frank Frazetta and the World Of Death Dealer.

The Mighty Perseus Goes Adventuring In Lucid Eye’s Ziggurat


Lucid Eye is added more miniatures into the mix for their Ziggurat collection. The first of these is the heroic Perseus The Exile who has just slain Medusa the Gorgon!

Lucid Eye Go Adventuring On Ape Island With New Set


Lucid Eye has added another set of miniatures into the mix for their Beyond The Savage Core range. Here we have the Ape Island Set which offers up a daring adventurer and a raging ape who is seeking to bring him low!

Lucid Eye’s Baron Mors Welcomes You To His Castle


Lucid Eye has been showing off their new release of Baron Mors The Vampyre, a perfect miniature to throw into the mix for your horror roleplaying games, skirmishing adventures and more.

The Vespans Buzz Into A Frenzy From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye are adding more minions into the mix for the world of Beyond The Savage Core.

Lucid Eye Release New Ziggurat Miniatures For 2020


Lucid Eye has been showing off their new releases for the Ziggurat range, a couple of miniatures which bring together a little bit of the Historical as well as a splash of Biblical Fantasy.

Prince Erlykan The Damned Wars For Control From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye is diving back into the world of The Red Book Of The Elf King, a game penned by Rick Priestley, with the model for Prince Erlykan The Damned.

Bug Eye Goblins & Christmassy Halfpints Pop Up From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has a few more releases for you to dive into and pick up ahead of the Christmas period.

Pesky Red Cap Gnomes Are Revealed By Lucid Eye


Come and check out some awesomeness from Lucid Eye for this week as they released their trio of Red Cap Gnomes onto their webstore for Fantasy gamers.

Lucid Eye Preview Their Sneaky Bug-Eyed Goblins Coming Soon


Lucid Eye has been showing off some cute (and maybe creepy) looking Goblins which are popping up soon for those who want to explore Fantasy worlds.

Lucid Eye Release Jim FitzPatrick’s Conann Of The Fianna


Lucid Eye has surprised us all with another release for the special Jim FitzPatrick line of miniatures.

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