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Snap Up Savage Core Beasts & New Rules From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has been releasing some awesome new miniatures for Savage Core 2 as well as the rules for the game. There is a great collection of beasts for their Pulp skirmish game but you could also use these for the myriad of other games out there like Frostgave for example!

Community Spotlight: X-Men, Sneaky Lictors & Mythical Argonauts


In this week's Community Spotlight, we're having a look at some comic book heroes, a sneaky Lictor out and about and some Ancient Greeks diving into mythical adventures.

The Goldeneye Elves March To War From Lucid Eye


The world of Elfking which expanded out of The Red Book Of The Elf King by Rick Priestly and Lucid Eye now greets some new releases to its 28mm Fantasy collection. The Goldeneye Elves are on the march with new Spearmen and Command elements for your tabletop games.

A Pterodactyl Swoops Into Lucid Eye’s Updated Savage Core Range


Lucid Eye has added the first of their monstrous creatures to their Savage Core Monolith range which will be a new game penned by Space McQuirk! See what you think of this monstrous Pterodactyl. 

Lucid Eye & Space McQuirk Join Forces For Savage Core Monolith


Lucid Eye are now working with Space McQuirk on a new game set in the Savage Core called Monolith. McQuirk (of classic Warhammer fame) is going to be creating the rules for Monolith whilst the miniatures come from Lucid Eye and Steve Saleh. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Fair Play, House Rules & Dealing With Cheaters!


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we dive into some of our hobby that we've been up to but also have a discussion about fair play, cheating and the "spirit of the rules". We also ask about what kind of house rules you use with your friends in order to have the most fun at the tabletop.

Lucid Eye Bringing Elfking Roleplaying Game To Life Soon


The team at Lucid Eye are going to be expanding their world of Elfking even more over the next while. As well as having their main game, The Red Book Of The Elfking and Elfking Red, there is also going to be a new roleplaying game, Elfking: The Immortal Roleplaying Game. 

The Hollow Fae Rise For Lucid Eye’s Elfking Range


The world of The Elfking is expanding as Lucid Eye has added another miniature to their collection. The Hollow Fae have risen from their graves and are wandering forward under the command of strange, eldritch forces.

Community Spotlight: A Garden Protector, Mighty Lizards & Glorantha For 2023!

1 year ago 4

We have a look at a fantastic diorama, some mighty lizardfolk storming forth from the jungle and some mighty heroes from the realm of Glorantha.

Cult Of Games XLBS: The Big Bad Dungeon Master; Has The D&D Bubble Properly Popped?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're joined by both Lloyd and Warren who chat through their thoughts on Games Workshop AND we delve into the murky waters around the announcements from Wizards Of The Coast for D&D and how that could expand into the wider tabletop gaming world.

Is Oldhammer The Best Warhammer? Why Are Classic Miniatures So Popular? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Is Oldhammer the best kind of Warhammer? We dive into a discussion on why classic wargaming miniatures are so popular and where the charm for those old-school miniatures comes from.

Lucid Eye Drop HUGE Rome Release For Historical Wargamers


Lucid Eye have dropped many releases for their Rome range, allowing you to add more mighty Ancient warriors to your Historical (and perhaps Fantasy) armies on the tabletop. Leading the way, we have Alexander.

Community Spotlight: Crimson Skies, A Mighty Maiden & TINY Flames Of War


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at some amazing planes, a mighty maiden and Flames Of War on a much smaller scale than 15mm!

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Game Are You Most Thankful For?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we dive in and ask a pretty big question. What game are you most thankful for? Is there a game out there that had a massive impact on you and your tabletop gaming journey?

Lucid Eye Preview New Fantasy Roleplaying Sourcebook, Elfking


Lucid Eye has been expanding their Fantasy world of The Red Book Of The Elf King with a new systemless roleplaying sourcebook called The Elfking which is going to be available to snap up pretty soon!

Shamans & War Jaguars Explore Lucid Eye’s Savage Core Jungle


Lucid Eye has been putting together some new releases for their Maxans and extended Savage Core collection. We start with the mighty Zomoc riding on the back of a War Jaguar. 

Harlequin Rose Joins The Birchwood Range By Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has been showing off a brand new miniature for their The Beast Of Birchwood collection. This is a range which is a little bit weird and features some rather quirky 28mm miniatures. This can certainly be said of the new Harlequin Rose.

Dive Into A Shootout & Hunt Beastmen With Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has released a couple of new metal miniature sets for you to use in your games. The first of these is an awesome gunfighter that could be used in a myriad of different Wild West wargames on the tabletop.

Lucid Eye Raise Up Queens & Ride With Roman Cavalry


Lucid Eye has expanded two of its miniature ranges with new 28mm metal miniatures for both the Maxzans, inspired by Aztec and Mayan culture and the Romans. If you're looking for some Ancient options with a heroic twist then this could be quite neat!

Lucid Eye Release New Romans & Macedonians This Week!


Lucid Eye has released a whole bunch of new 28mm metal miniatures for those wanting to dive into a bit of Ancient warfare on the tabletop. Romans and Macedonians are the focus this time around, building on their Historical-yet-Fantastical options.

The Roman Army Marches Forth From Lucid Eye’s Collection


The Romans have been added to their wider Lucid Eye miniatures collection for you to use in Historical and Fantasy wargames on the tabletop. A bunch of the rank and files troops are now available for you to snap up.

Lucid Eye’s Fantasy Root Elves Meet Their Hedge King


Lucid Eye has been showing off loads of amazing new releases for their expanding Fantasy collection. The Root Elves range grows with some fantastic new characters for you to drop into your collection starting with the mighty Hedge King. 

Demons, Kings & More Arrive From Lucid Eye This Month


Lucid Eye has released three new sets for those diving into a bit of Fantasy wargaming on the tabletop. We start with something monstrous and demonic in the form of Bethamel, Guardian Of The Hall Of A Thousand Lamentations.

Companion Elves & Stinky Trolls From Lucid Eye’s Collection


Lucid Eye are continuing their release of new miniatures for The Red Book Of The Elf King and beyond this week.

Community Spotlight: Star Trek Away Teams, Oldhammer & Runequesting!


We head off to adventure in the world of Star Trek, build up an Empire army worthy of the Old World and then delve into a bit of Runequest!

Cult Of Games XLBS: No One Expects The Nostalgic Inqusition!


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS where nostalgia is taking hold and everything that was old is new again. We explore hobby passion projects and indulgent ideas!

Check Out New Skyclad Elves & Cruel Lords From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has been working away on some great new releases for those wanting to add to their 28mm Fantasy collections. We start with a new character for The Red Book Of The Elf King and Chaelech Once Cruel. 

Beautiful Breas Joins Lucid Eye’s Jim Fitzpatrick Collection


Lucid Eye has built on its expansive Jim Fitzpatrick collection with a brand new miniature. Here is Breas The Beautiful, another of their stunning 28mm metal Fantasy miniatures which could be used for all manner of different games!

Wild West Heroes, Dungeon Fodder & More From Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has released a bunch of new miniatures for those trying all sorts of different games. If you're into your Wild West wargaming then you now have two characters to snap up. We start with Sundown Ray!

New Lucid Eye Miniatures Released; Hobgoblins & Mooners!


Lucid Eye has put together a few new Fantasy releases for their Blades & Souls collection. This new set are all available in metal and give you a few 28mm miniatures to use in your roleplaying games, skirmish wargames and more.

Lucid Eye Bring Ancient Mercenaries To Their Ziggurat World


Lucid Eye is expanding the world of Ziggurat even more with five more sets of metal miniatures. These could be used in your Historical games or for something a little more Fantasy-based if you want to get mythological!

Lucid Eye Chariots Herald An Amazonian Battleclan


Lucid Eye has released a new set of miniatures for those wanting to explore their Fantasy world of Ziggurat a little more. Inspired by Bronze Age history, myth and legends, a bunch of new Chariots are now available for you to use as part of an Amazon Battleclan.

Lucid Eye Unleash New Death Dealer & Sci-Fi Simian Grunts


Lucid Eye has a number of new releases which cross the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.

Lucid Eye Release Jim FitzPatrick St Patrick Miniature


Lucid Eye has released their new Collectible Miniature based on the artwork by Jim FitzPatrick! His artwork for St Patrick has now been turned into an excellent 28mm miniature for you to use in your Fantasy games.

Lucid Eye Reveal This Month’s Ziggurat + Blades & Souls Minis


Lucid Eye has added a bunch of new releases into the mix for their Ziggurat and Blades & Souls collections.

The War Of The Simians Begins In Lucid Eye’s Savage Core


Lucid Eye has introduced a new set of 28mm miniatures for those venturing Beyond The Savage Core.

Lucid Eye Release Myriad Of New Fantastical Miniatures


Lucid Eye has been showing off a bunch of new 28mm releases for a selection of their different ranges.

Unboxing: Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer | Lucid Eye


Gerry unboxes the awesome Death Dealer in 28mm from Lucid Eye based on the artwork by Frank Frazetta. 

A New Frazetta Death Dealer Battles The Gods With Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has added another Fantasy miniature to their Death Dealer collection based on the artwork by Frank Frazetta.

Lucid Eye Add To Their Menagerie Of Monster Miniatures


Lucid Eye has released a bunch of new options for their Blades & Souls, Ziggurat and Elf King Red ranges.

Wow! Pop-Up Wargaming Terrain In Upzone Kickstarter + Biggest Dragon Miniature Ever? #Weekender


Easy pop-up wargaming terrain from Upzone, the biggest Dragon miniatures we've seen yet and a look at the excellent miniatures by Lucid Eye Publications in Indie Of The Week.

Lucid Eye Summon Up New Blades & Souls Miniatures


Lucid Eye has expanded upon their Blades & Souls miniatures collection with four new packs for you to snap up.

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