Spire Tyrants Warband Rampages Into Age Of Sigmar’s Warcry

January 20, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off some new additions to the world of Age Of Sigmar and Warcry. We start off with a peek at the new warband which will be popping up in the mix, The Spire Tyrants.

Spire Tyrants - Age Of Sigmar

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This band of warriors are some of Archaon's Chosen. They view the other warbands that are squabbling about the base of the Varanspire with contempt and are going to be striding into battle with weapons at the ready to hack them down and gift their souls to the almighty Archaon. The set comes with some awesome looking miniatures which show off another advancement for the age-old Marauder kits.

The set comes with all of the added bits and bobs that you need to use them in games of Warcry plus you can also drop them into the mix during your games of Age Of Sigmar too. Additionally, you can also pick up the Ogroid Myrmidon which is just a stunning model.

Ogroid Myrmidon - Age Of Sigmar

It's almost enough to make you dive in and start building up a Chaos army. I think the models that Games Workshop have been crafting for Warcry are some of the best they've done. Alongside the Slaves To Darkness release recently, you've got some goodies to look forward to if you're gifting your soul to Chaos.

More Factions

As well as the Chaos warbands, there will also be plenty of options for those wanting to dive in without pledging their soul to the Gods. Three new sets will be dropping for Order, Destruction and Death. So, here you've got the Stormcast Eternals set...

Stormcast Eternals Warband - Age Of Sigmar

This gives you a band of heroes from the Vanguard quarter of the Stormcast Eternals army. You could imagine them ranging into the realm of Chaos in order to try and stop some terrible scheme from being enacting by the Chaos warbands. You can also pick up the Gloomspite Gitz...

Gloomspite Gitz Warband - Age Of Sigmar

...who are bounding around on all sorts of quirky looking squigs and the Nighthaunt. I still really like the style of the Nighthaunt who would be a very simple warband to get going. Plus, it certainly makes sense with the Soul Wars still raging across the Mortal Realms.

Nighthaunt Warband - Age Of Sigmar

It is looking nice and easy to dive into the world of Warcry right now. Entry-level games for these massive worlds by Games Workshop are key and being able to play within the Mortal Realms with a handful of miniatures alongside a group of people is very handy. Hopefully, there are still plenty of clubs and stores who are still getting people involved with Warcry in that regard.

Twisted Woods

As well as the new miniatures, we've also got some new terrain to keep an eye out for. Here we have the Souldrain Forest.

Souldrain Forest - Age Of Sigmar

It is good to see them finally get around to updating the classic Citadel Trees which were a mainstay feature of Wood Elf armies for many, many years. I like that you also get some crumbling ruins in the set too which show you that the woodland has reclaimed much of what Sigmar tried to tame.

Whilst the trees are certainly very Mortal Realms in design, they'd also still work nicely in your Old World games too. The Drakwald was/is a terrifying place filled with towering and twisted trees so they would be a good fit!

Teclis Revealed

Finally, we got a little bit of a peek at the new take on Teclis from Games Workshop. Here is the master mage-turned-god!

Teclis Artwork - Age Of Sigmar

He is looking very splendid indeed and pretty much just as I would have imagined Teclis to appear. He looks to have a lofty and haughty feel to his character, looking down on the lesser races of the Mortal Realms. He also appears to still be wielding his trademark sword and staff which managed to survive the End Times.

I am looking forward to seeing just how much the new Aelves under Teclis' command have taken from the Old World. In particular, I would love to see some burly Elves in the design of the White Lions Of Chrace!

What do you make of the new goodies from Games Workshop?

"...I would love to see some burly Elves in the design of the White Lions Of Chrace!"

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