New Star Trek Fluxx Expansions Adds Archer & Porthos To The Deck

October 12, 2021 by fcostin

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There are two new expansions on the way for Fluxx from Looney Labs, with the announcement for the Archer Expansion and Porthos Expansion for Star Trek Fluxx.

Archer Expansion - Image One

Archer Fluxx Expansion // Star Trek Fluxx

The new Archer Expansion adds Captain Archer as the focal point, as players incorporate the Temporal Cold War from Star Trek Enterprise. Adding another 16 years to your Star Trek Fluxx deck, including cards such as Temporal Rift, Daniels, the Xindi and also incorporate the new Meta Rule 'Combined Decks' which will allow players to use more than one Fluxx Deck for their card game adventure.

Porthos Expansion - Image Two

Porthos Expansion // Star Trek Fluxx

The other option will add something a little more adorable to the deck. The beloved Beagle, Porthos is joining the Fluxx Enterprise adventure! Because you cannot have Archer without Porthos! Inside the box, players will get access to Dr. Phlox, Spot, Klingon Kor and a cheeky bottle of Romulan Ale. This deck can also be combined with any of the other decks as part of the new mechanic.

The release of the expansions will be this week on October 15th, for players to add Porthos and Archer to any of the four standalone Star Trek Fluxx games. You can now pick up these decks on pre-order both online and in FLGS stores.

What Star Trek Fluxx is your favourite and will you be inviting Archer and Porthos into your game? 

"The new Meta Rule 'Combined Decks' allows players to use more than one Fluxx Deck for their card game adventure..."

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