New Void Elemental Flows Forth From Creature Caster Soon

October 25, 2021 by brennon

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Creature Caster are working on another impressive sculpt for their range of monsters and demons. This month they are hoping to summon forth the Void Elemental that is going to be sucking all of your souls down into the darkness.

Void Elemental - Creature Caster

Void Elemental // Creature Caster

This particular version of the Void Elemental was painted by Taylor Holloway of Zombie Kid Studios and shows off a terrifying mistress of darkness. Cast in resin, this miniature stands at a towering 151mm and comes on a big 80mm base. If you were looking to present someone with an immense end-game boss then this would probably work.

Void Elemental Detail - Creature Caster

The folks at Creature Caster even designed some background and lore for this terrifying new entity...

"The mightiest demon lords will hesitate to engage a Void Elemental, as doing battle with such a force can leave them drained and vulnerable – even in victory. Void Elementals are barren of energy, as it is rapidly consumed by their unstable physical form, so demons have nothing to gain from a battle with these fearsome beauties. Fortunately, the discovery of these powerful elementals is rare on any material plane, and thus an experience that only an unfortunate few have fallen prey to."

Demonic or alien, this would be a great addition to a lot of different games. She could serve as the leader of some horde of nightmares on a distant planet or in some far off realm. She could also (as mentioned above) work as a boss in a game like Dungeons & Dragons.

Void Elemental Rear - Creature Caster

If nothing else, this could also be quite the treat for a painter. Taylor Holloway has done a fine job on this using some very dark colours and plenty of object source lighting. It would be fascinating to see what others do with this once they get their hands on it.

Have you ever tackled a massive miniature like this before?

"It would be fascinating to see what others do with this once they get their hands on it..."

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