A Brand New Wave Of Bushido Characters On The Way Soon

October 11, 2018 by brennon

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The folks at GCT Studios have put together a big update for Bushido which looks at all of the characters coming your way as part of the next wave. The first of these is Nuan.

Nuan - Bushido

Nuan is a blacksmith and what better way to remove the slag from his creations than by turning it into a weapon against his enemies. As you can see here he draws it from the cauldron and throws it towards his foes.

I love the touch of the molten metal turning into solid shards as it splashes forth, no doubt causing terrible burns to those it connects with.

Scary Bear!

Next up we're turning out attention towards the wonderful Tetsu. I love bears, so it's awesome to see what pop up into the mix.

Tetsu - Bushido

As well as being able to sow fear amongst his foes with his roar, Tetsu can also barrel forwards into his foes, knocking them over as he does damage to them.

Contemplative General

Returning back to the world of human warriors we also have Mako Takashi who is a renowned swordsman and general.

Mako Takashi - Bushido

Here he is shown sitting and contemplating his next move, sword at rest and cup of tea in hand. He actually has a rule where he gets to use his cup of tea to make him feel better!

Wild Wanderer

Heading out into the wilderness we also have the Hilltribe Tracker.

Hilltribe Tracker - Bushido

As you might imagine this fellow isn't quite as powerful a character as some of the others but their good ranged attacks make them a wonderful addition to their faction. It should be added that there is plenty more information on these characters over on their blog post where they show off the stat cards and more.

Righting A Wrong

Building on the narrative choices open to you in Bushido, the team has created Yokozuna Akashi who retired from the fighting pits but now he's back for revenge!

Yokozuna Akashi - Bushido

What has caused him to return to the battlefield? Well, you get to choose. You can choose a special theme card alongside him which gives you access to special rules dependant on how you want to play out his story on the tabletop.

I love this as it means you not only open up more chances to explore gameplay effects but it also helps forge a bit more of a narrative on the tabletop too.

Dead & Hating It

As well as these heroes and warriors we also have the undead going for a day out. Here we have some more of The Risen.

The Risen A&Z - Bushido

It's neat that they're exploring some of the different undead that would be wandering around the world. Whilst it's not often you see children as undead I think they've done a great job here and especially with the woman still holding her umbrella despite her decaying state.

Painting Competition!

GCT Studios are also running a painting competition which you can find out more about in the update so if you're a collector wanting to earn your crust this might be worth looking into.

What do you think of the new models?

"GCT Studios are also running a painting competition..."

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