A New Wave Of Heroes & Villains Coming To Bushido

July 7, 2022 by brennon

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A brand new wave of miniatures are coming to the world of Bushido. New 35mm miniature are on the way for a variety of factions offering up a fun look at those that make up this Fantasy world.

Fuku - Bushido

Fuku // Bushido

We start with a gambler who has the best luck! Fuku has managed to swindle his way through a fair few of the gambling dens in the world of Bushido and that has drawn quite a bit of ire. He has now found some safety amongst the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate where he can now ply his magical skills in an almost Gambit-esque fashion. An awesome model to paint, especially with that transition between the fluttering cards and the dragon!

We next move to the Jung Pirates and the bulging muscles of Taiho.


Taiho // Bushido

He is quite the marvel in that he can carry that heavy cannon around and fire it without the aid of any other crew members! This means he can be quite slow on the tabletop but he seriously packs a punch when the power is ready to go. I'd love to paint him up on the deck of a ship, perhaps with the deck splitting around him as he leaps into the action.

Going back to magical prowess, we also have Mina who serves the Temple Of Ro-Kan.

Mina Bushido

Mina // Bushido

She has a great affinity with water and the oceans. So, she is able to summon it from nowhere and use it to dash her foes as if waves against a cliff face. I think it would be awesome to see someone trying to paint a translucent-looking spout of water holding her aloft. You could then add some drips and such using the ol' glue technique! A very dynamic miniature for the followers of Ro-Kan.

A beast now enters the ring with the Neko of the Shadow Wind Clan.

Neko - Bushido

Neko // Bushido

Neko are faithful and savage beasts that are more than happy to fight alongside their human companions in the midst of the brutality. Embracing something of the lion/dog with a twist of the monkey in their design, they seem like a very brutal option for the Shadow Wind Clan. Fur is great fun to paint and it's fairly easy too! A quick addition to your tabletop-ready collection.

The Prefecture Of Ryu are next up with Kokkio joining the collection.

Kokkio - Bushido

Kokkio // Bushido

Whilst still a lowely Ashigaru, Kokkio was able to judge the best time to take his shots. He now incorporates a series of banners on the battlefield, allowing him and his kinsmen to take aim and judge their shots with even more accuracy. Now you will certainly want to fear the crack and snap of his gun when it echoes across the tabletop. A very awesome miniature with plenty of detail to work on. You could get lost in painting all of the detail in his backpack for example.

Last up, we have Tu-Ning (very funny) who has got himself a rather oversized horn to tinker with!

Tu-Ning - Bushido

Tu-Ning // Bushido

This horn is a rallying call for the Savage Wave. When this is blown, more of Tu-Ning's kin can be saved from their fright and forced forward into the fighting. I think this is a very fun support miniature to throw into the mix and something a bit different to paint. He certainly isn't your regular samurai!

Are you going to be picking up these new Bushido miniatures?

"Are you going to be picking up these new Bushido miniatures?"

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