New Witch-King & Middle-earth Terrain Revealed At Ardacon 2021

August 23, 2021 by brennon

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Games Workshop has previewed some upcoming releases for those diving into the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game! Ardacon 2021 gave the design team a chance to show off new miniatures and terrain. We start with one of Sauron's favoured, the Witch-King Of Angmar.

The Witch-King Of Angmar - Middle-earth SBG

The Witch-King Of Angmar // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

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This is a very impressive new plastic miniature for you to drop into your games, perhaps at the head of your armies on the fields of Pelennor. The kit comes with a variety of different options for both his weapons and his head. You can have him looking spooky with his hood at Weathertop or give him his Morgul Crown and flail and have him facing off against Eowyn.

A fantastic miniature to now have in plastic and I'll be crossing my fingers that the rest of the Ringwraiths might be produced as a plastic set rather than in Finecast!

New Middle-earth Terrain!

As well as the new miniature for The Witch-King Of Angmar, we also have two new terrain kits that Games Workshop and Forge World have been working on. The first of these is the immense resin kit for Amon Hen.

Amon Hen - Middle-earth SBG

Amon Hen // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

You can use this to play out the scene from The Fellowship Of The Ring where Aragon faced down the Uruk-Hai sent by Saruman to hunt the Hobbits. It looks very impressive although I would imagine it is going to cost you a pretty penny!

The next set is going to be a little cheaper as it's going to be available in plastic. This is a modular terrain set that allows you to craft your own take on the dungeons of Dol Guldur.

Ruins Of Dol Guldur - Middle-earth SBG

Ruins Of Dol Guldur // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Featuring steep stairs, jagged ruins, leering statues and more the Ruins Of Dol Guldur can be assembled to give you a frightening place to hold out against the Necromancer and his servants. Whilst it has been designed to match Dol Guldur you might also find that it's useful for creating all manner of evil places where the forces of Sauron have taken root.

New Middle-earth Books!

Capping things off, and indeed linked to the Ruins Of Dul Guldur, we have a new book that will accompany the plastic set.

Fall Of The Necromancer - Middle-earth SBG

Fall Of The Necromancer // Middle-earth: Strategy Battle Game

The Fall Of The Necromancer charts the very Founding Of Dol Guldur through to the Fall Of The Necromancer. So, you'll be able to dive into that scenario where the White Council take on Sauron and his minions in the heart of Dol Guldur and "vanquish" him.

The book will also feature new Legendary Legions for you to use when playing your regular games. So, this is going to be a lot of fun if you enjoy the narrative element of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game and big matched play battles.

As well as Fall Of The Necromancer, you will also be able to take the War Of The Ring to the north.

Defence Of The North - Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

Defence Of The North // Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

This particular book will chart the fortunes of the Dwarves under King Dáin Ironfoot and Thorin Stonehelm and the Men Of Dale following King Brand and Bard II. You'll be able to fight out the battles that we never saw in the movies where the forces of the North allied together once more to stop the forces of Sauron.

This all sounds very good for fans of Middle-earth wargaming!

"I'll be crossing my fingers that the rest of the Ringwraiths might be produced as a plastic set rather than in Finecast! "

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