Oathsworn Finish Soaring Burrows & Badgers Red Kite

April 30, 2019 by brennon

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Oathsworn Miniatures has finished work on the Red Kite we saw previewed last week. This Massive Raptor from Burrows & Badgers is now ready to scout the land and bring down those that stray into his territory.

Red Kite - Oathsworn Miniatures

That is one stunning take on the majestic Red Kite. I have been lucky to see not just one of these but two, flying around in the mountains of North Wales. They are one of my favourite birds of prey so I will most certainly be getting one of these for my collection.

I love the 'scanning' pose that they've gone for here, those eyes focusing in on some interloper to his lands. I reckon when it comes to the fluff behind this fellow he's maybe the warden for a large mountainous region, flying around each day to watch for bandits and brigands before swooping in with his warband to disrupt their operations.

What do you make of the finished Red Kite?

"They are one of my favourite birds of prey..."

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