The Odani Travellers Wander Into Warcradle’s World Of Mythos

September 1, 2020 by brennon

Warcradle Studios has another faction in the works for the world of Mythos. Expanding upon this Lovecraftian miniatures game with a twist you are now able to pre-order the Odani Travellers Faction offering up lots of possibilities.

Odani Travellers - Mythos

Odani Travellers // Mythos

This set of miniatures once again does something different with the world of Mythos and adds another dimension to their game of strange characters and even stranger creatures. Drawing on the traveller aesthetic, this warband introduces plenty of mysticism and a sense that these individuals know plenty more about what's going on in the background than they're letting on. Here is a little more about them...

"The future may not be read with impunity. The threads of destiny for a person are wrapped through the days of their lives, known only to the omniscient beings known to their followers as the Fates. The secrets of the Fates are hidden from the eyes of mere mortals and only those with the gift of Mythos may begin to lift that veil. For the Odani people, as servants to the Fates, the gift of foresight is passed down through the female line. From Mother to Daughter, the ability to see that what will be has allowed the Travellers to remain healthy, wealthy and wise. Of course, it has the added benefit of staying one step ahead of any authorities that wish to limit their nomadic lifestyle."

The multi-part resin set comes with miniatures for the Calderas family including Max, Talia and Stefan. Plus, you also get Pali, Taka, Amran and Vida Calderas in the mix too who round out the faction and offer a look at the stranger elements of this collection. I love those little chompy fellows and I think that the set as a whole would be brilliant to paint, adding a dash of colour to the proceedings in Mythos.

Odani Travellers (Rear) - Mythos

Odani Travellers // Mythos

As always when it comes to Mythos, there is a lot of background for you to dive into and explore with the world of Mythos. The number of factions in the game has bulked up quite nicely too so you're unlikely to end up coming up against the same factions over and over again. One of these days we're going to be checking this out in more detail and perhaps bringing the revamped take on the game to the tabletop.

What do you think of the Odani Travellers?

"The number of factions in the game has bulked up quite nicely..."

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