OnePageRules’ March Patreon Releases Now Available

March 1, 2021 by brennon

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OnePageRules have now released their new Patreon offerings for those backing their project during March. Dwarves, monstrous Daemons and Battle Sisters are on the way for Fantasy and Sci-Fi tabletop fans. As always, these are miniatures that you can download and print off at home!

March 2021 Releases - OnePageRules

March 2021 Releases // OnePageRules

Building on what we've seen over the past few weeks, this will give you the basics of two armies that you can use on the tabletop. The Dwarves offer up a wall of metal and beards which are going to be marching forth from their mountain holds.

Dwarves 2021 - OnePageRules

Dwarves 2021 // OnePageRules

On the other side, for those who prefer Sci-Fi, you can also pick up the Battle Sisters. Much like with the rest of their releases, these are designed so that they could form the core of an army that you could supplement with special figures later on down the line.

Battle Sisters 2021 - OnePageRules

Battle Sisters 2021 // OnePageRules

This set comes with Champions, Troops, Fanatics and also the Biker Sisters/Fanatics who will be heading out ahead of your army to cause havoc. Whilst the miniatures have a little of that grimdark feel to them I think that the standard troops and bikers could easily be used in different Sci-Fi settings. A good start to a multi-purpose Sci-Fi army?

The last set is for the Havoc Daemons...

Havoc Daemons - OnePageRules

Havoc Daemons // OnePageRules

These are towering beasts that have been sent to your realm to work as centrepieces within your army. You've got a Daemon for each of the four main "chaos powers" and they really are massive. Normal 28mm miniatures only come up to about their knees!

Future Ideas

As well as the offerings for March, the team at OnePageRules has also talked about what's coming up in the future. Their plan is to work on a number of Sci-Fi and Fantasy armies with the Saurian Starhost coming up in April, May and June in various waves alongside the armies of DaVinci. The DaVinci army is made up of quirky inventions and could be used as a Human army in your Fantasy games.

In July and August, they also have plans to build up more armies including the TAO Coalition and a band of Beastmen. There are plenty of fascinating things coming up from OnePageRules and when you back their Patreon you get access to a bunch of free stuff too.

Are you going to be checking out their Patreon?

"There are plenty of fascinating things coming up from OnePageRules..."

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