Don’t Miss Otherworld Miniatures’ Closing Down Sale!

July 9, 2024 by brennon

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Richard of Otherworld Miniatures is coming closer and closer to enjoying retirement and with that in mind, is having a closing down sale across all remaining stock over on the Otherworld Miniatures' website. Get your hands on some stunning 28mm Fantasy miniatures!

Heroes - Otherworld Miniatures

Heroes // Otherworld Miniatures

If anyone's not looked at the Otherworld Miniatures' range before, it is a stunning collection of 28mm figures that are perfect for your skirmish and roleplaying games. You can get excellent heroes for your dungeon delving parties and also the foes that they will be battling as they head into the darkness.

Goblins - Otherworld Miniatures

Goblins // Otherworld Miniatures

If you'd like to get your hands on some of the last miniatures from Otherworld themselves, you can use the code Solongandthanks at 50% off their regular price. You will be able to use this code as much as you like before the shop closes for good at the end of July. You can also share it with your friends and get them exploring the Otherworld Miniatures range as well.

Drow - Otherworld Miniatures

Drow // Otherworld Miniatures

For those wondering what is happening to the range, Otherworld have sold off the range to different owners. You might have already seen some of these miniatures popping up in previews from other companies already.

I picked up a choice selection of different miniatures from Otherworld over the past few years for not just Dungeons & Dragons but also Frostgrave. I even picked up their Beowulf miniatures and they are truly stunning.

Make sure to not miss out on the Otherworld Miniatures sale and maybe help Richard get together some more funds to have an enjoyable retirement!

Don't miss out!

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