Para Bellum Unveil Army List For The Nords Of Conquest

December 9, 2019 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames has not only begun taking pre-orders for their new Nords faction in Conquest but they have also made the full rules for the faction available for you to check out too.

Nords #1 - Conquest

Download The Nords Army List Here

You can dive in and check out the list which details all of the various leaders, troops, monsters and more that are going to be available as part of this army. After a quick flick through the PDF, I found the entries for Werewolfs, Trolls and something called the Bearsarks which I am very interested in seeing.

Nords #2 - Conquest

Basically, if you like the idea of wild Northmen as your army of choice and all of the Norse elements which come with that, you're going to get your fill with the forces of The Nords when they arrive. As I mentioned, the core models for the force are available right now to pre-order from their webstore so make sure to dive in if you like them.

Nords #3 - Conquest

To give you an idea as to the scale of these characters on the battlefield, the folks at Para Bellum Wargames produced this and we're even more excited to see The Mountain Jotnar in the flesh now.

Nord Scale Comparison - Conquest

Those are some very big boys indeed! I don't think you could say that Conquest is going to be a spectacle on the battlefield after seeing these models. Are you tempted by The Nords?

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"Those are some very big boys indeed!"

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