Still Time To Pick Up Arcadian Elves 2 From Raging Heroes!

August 25, 2022 by brennon

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Raging Heroes still has just under a week left on their August haul for Heroes Infinite. The Arcadian Elves are back again with a whole host of new characters, troops, walkers and more that could be dropped into your Sci-Fi wargames.

Keyfiel Void Shaman - Raging Heroes

Keyfiel, Void Shaman // Raging Heroes

A bunch of the new miniatures would be perfect for those building Aeldari armies over the last few months for Warhammer 40,000. They would equally be perfect for those diving into the likes of Grimdark Future and making Space Elf armies for that rather slick set of rules. You certainly have no lack of characters to lead the way as you can see.

You can also go big. How about rocking around the tabletop in one of these Nebula Exosuits?

Nebula Exosuit - Raging Heroes

Nebula Exosuit // Raging Heroes

This fellow is big but what until you see what the Arcadian Colossus is like! Both the Exosuit and Colossus come as part of the Warlord Tier which is a step above your regular Heroes Infinite subscription and gives you access to some seriously awesome extra miniatures.

You can see how the different tiers break down here...

Arcadian Elves 2 Collection - Raging Heroes

Arcadian Elves 2 August Collection // Raging Heroes

Amazing scatter terrain, a colossal centrepiece and much more is available for you to snap up for August. If you like where all this is going but you'd love to see how these miniatures look when they've been printed, keep an eye out for a video soon from John where he gets really stuck in!

Have you dived into Heroes Infinite for August yet?

"Amazing scatter terrain, a colossal centrepiece and much more is available for you to snap up for August..."

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