Plastic Fantastic Two New Celtic Nations From Gripping Beast

February 14, 2022 by avernos

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Gripping Beast have previewed some figures from their two new box sets to flesh out the Celtic nations for Swordpoint with their new plastic Picts and Welsh.

Pict Box Art // Marco Capparoni

Like the recent release of the Irish these two plastic kits build 25 figures that can be armed in a variety of ways a couple of which are shown below. The top half of the sprue is the same as the Irish sprue which means all three boxes can be mixed together for alternative weapon builds and to add a bit more variety to your units. The bottom quarter for each has some unique pieces, be it heads, cloaks, or weapons.

Pict // Gripping Beast

Welsh Warrior // Gripping Beast

The sculpts themselves are chunky and match Gripping Beasts style and range of metals, so it may not be for everyone but the price point of £18 for a box of twenty-five is reasonable.

dark age welsh cover

Dark Age Welsh Art // Gripping Beast

If you want to check them out in more detail there is a preview video below be aware that they are test sprue casts so they may not be the final quality of the production models when you see flashing and misalignment on the spear hand fingers.

Pirate Rich Paints

Could you be tempted to dive back into the Dark Age with these new plastic kits from Gripping Beast?

Let me know in the comments below...

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