Pre-Order Battle Havoc! 10mm Starter Set, Battle Of Havökkia

June 28, 2023 by brennon

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Seb Games are now taking pre-orders for a new 10mm Starter Set for Battle Havoc! Battle Of Havökkia gets you stuck into this game with two full Fantasy armies and all the rules for clashes between the Saurisian and the Rattifolk.

Battle For Havokkia Starter Set - Battle Havoc

Battle For Havokkia - 10mm Starter Set // Battle Havoc!

Some background on the two forces battling it out in this set...

"In Havökkia’s present, the world is ruled by the young races of Elves, Dwarves and Men, and the Rattifolk and Saurisians are long forgotten. But after a series of prophetic awakenings, the Old Gods return, and with them, their children once more march forth. The Saurisians seek to enslave and sacrifice all in their path for the glory of the Old Ones, and the Rattifolk are on a crusade to destroy all life, to spite the Gods that cursed them."

Inside the box, you get a whole host of miniatures in 10mm scale covering both armies. The Rattifolk get a band of twenty-four Monks alongside forty-eight Helot Warriors and a Pack Master. The Rattifolk also get a General and a Wizard to lead the way.

Battle For Havokkia Starter Set Miniatures - Battle Havoc

Battle For Havokkia - Starter Set Miniatures // Battle Havoc!

On the Saurisian side of things, you have forty-eight Warriors and twenty-four Lesser Saurisians. They too get a Mage (who comes mounted) and a Saurisian Hero. All of this comes to the tabletop in 10mm scale rather than 28mm allowing you to play out some epic battles on a smaller scale.

Since this is a Starter Set, the box also comes with a Battle Havoc! Rulebook and a Havökkia Chronicles Booklet which guides you into the world and the game. You'll also get a battle mat, dice, a terrain sheet and some counters. Everything you need for playing out small-scale battles.

For anyone taking up the pre-order, there is also this miniature for Ratdalf The Grey Wizard, a "wee Ratti wizard" which comes as a bonus.

Rattifolk Wizard - Battle Havoc

Rattifolk Wizard // Battle Havoc!

This might give you a good way to dive into an alternative Fantasy wargame that allows you to play out battles on a different scale. If you want to learn more about Battle Havoc!, you can check out the game in 28mm scale as well as a wide range of miniatures HERE.

Will you be picking up this Starter Set and if so, which army will you be going for?

"For anyone taking up the pre-order, there is also this miniature for Ratdalf The Grey Wizard..."

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