Raging Heroes Reveal Their First Piratical 3D STL Files

March 30, 2020 by brennon

Raging Heroes has been showing off more of what's to come as they prepare for their 3D Printing endeavour called Heroes Infinite. We are getting introduced to some fantastic looking pirates with a bit of a twist.

Leonius Sharp Fang - Raging Heroes

We are first introduced to Leonius Sharp Fang who is a rather awesome looking captain who quite literally has a bite as bad as his bark. The sculpt is looking rather awesome and presents him as a leader who is challenging all those before him.

Leonius has also been joined by Mad Wren who is one of his crewmates and carrying around a very sizable weapon of her own. You could imagine she could blow a man in two or sink a ship by herself with that thing.

Mad Wren - Raging Heroes

These are just two of the new characters which have been revealed by Raging Heroes. They will be up for download as STL Files which you can take and print off at home. This means we've seen some fun character miniatures and a whole tavern full of terrain which seems like a great place to hole up in if you're a wanted pirate.

Are you going to be keeping an eye on what Raging Heroes is doing with Infinite?

"Are you going to be keeping an eye on what Raging Heroes is doing with Infinite?"

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