Quirky Raiders Dive Into Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

August 12, 2019 by brennon

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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is expanding with lots of new releases from Modiphius this week. We start off with the addition of the Raiders Core Set into the mix which gives you a good starting point if you're looking to get stuck into this game in a warband-versus-warband format.

Fallout Raiders Core Set - Modiphius

Included in the set, which is made using multi-part resin components, you'll get a Veteran Raider In Power Armour, three Raiders, three Psychos and one Scavver. This gives you a good array of quirky characters which could be painted up in some inventive ways. I know the default colour of Fallout is rust but I think these would look great with splashes of colour and spray paint, especially on the power armour.

Raider Support & Special Characters

As well as the core set there's also a set of additional figures you can pick up to bolster your Raiders faction. Here is the additional set of Raiders, Psychos & Scavvers which can get added into the mix.

Fallout Raiders Scavvers & Psychos - Modiphius

Once again, there are a lot of neat individual figures in the set which should go a long way to creating a dynamic and fun warband to use on the tabletop. Additionally, with the role-playing game now part of their Fallout tabletop world you not only have plenty of bad guys to throw at your heroes but potentially a few anti-heroes too.

We also have some very wired and quirky looking characters that those familiar with the video games are going to know no doubt.

Fallout Ack Ack Sinjin & Avery - Modiphiu

In this set, you get Ack Ack, Sinjin, & Avery who come armed with a host of different weapons. I mean, I would be very afraid of someone who can lift a massive mini-gun like that without the aid of a power armoured suit!

Last but not least for the range of different characters and options available this week we have the return of Nuka-Cola Girl.

Nuka Cola Girl - Modiphius

This miniature was originally available as a launch pre-order bonus but she's now been included on the webstore for everyone to pick up. Whilst she was at one time simply a poster girl for the Nuka-Cola Corporation she could now be the dynamic leader your warband needs, or perhaps a helpful NPC you run into whilst wandering the wasteland.

What do you make of the new releases from Modiphius?

"I would be very afraid of someone who can lift a massive mini-gun like that without the aid of a power armoured suit!"

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