Relics Get a Wiki

May 27, 2011 by dracs

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Good news fluff fans, Tor Gaming have added a new wiki section to their Relics website, detailing the background on the world of Relicia.

The first entry, entitled The World, provides you with a detailed history of... well the world. It pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin.

The piece takes you through the entire past of Relicia from when it was first noticed by the Vaettir to the destruction brought about by their disastrous spell.

This wiki is the perfect chance for any one interested in Relic to get an idea of what the game's about as well as for anyone who is just interested in a superb piece of fluff. It fleshes out the forces in your head and helps you to get some form of idea about the motives of the different factions.

The story it tells is the perfect way of introducing yourself into the world of Relic. It's certainly wetted my appetite, liking the idea of the Brittana Puppet Army.

If this has wetted your appetite, be sure to tell us your thoughts below.

BoW Sam

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