Tackle Rick Priestley & Lucid Eye’s Skirmish Game, Elf King Red

September 1, 2020 by brennon

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Making it easier to dive into the world of The Red Book Of The Elf King, Lucid Eye and Rick Priestley have teamed up once again to create a smaller variant of the wargame called Elf King Red. These rules are free to download and only require a handful of miniatures to play.

The Sarlant March - Lucid Eye

The Sarlant March // Lucid Eye

This new set of rules is a quick and easy way to dive into the game with your Thane and their smaller band of companions. This means games normally play with just seven miniatures aside. For example, you could play as Saylian The Mad of The Sarlant March or...

The Throne of Towers - Lucid Eye

The Throne Of Towers // Lucid Eye

...High Captain Vachel of The Throne Of Towers. This collection actually offers up new versions of both Vachel and Saylian so if you're a big fan of these awesome Elves then you might want to pick up these packs simply to get the new characters.

The game rules, which can be Downloaded Here, offer up a quick way to dive in with a handful of miniatures from the six core Circles within The Red Book Of The Elf King. Whilst being designed as a two-player experience there is no reason why you can't turn this into a multiplayer experience thanks to the low model count and simple rules. The entire document comes in at twenty-one pages so it's pretty easy to digest and dive into.

I really enjoyed exploring The Red Book Of The Elf King back in a preview HERE and whilst I never got to properly play the game (lack of opponents!) I do absolutely love the system and the aesthetic of the game as a whole. It's proper evil Fae stuff and the miniatures are a joy to paint. I would highly recommend giving these rules a download and seeing what they have to offer.

Are you tempted by this collection?

"It's proper evil Fae stuff and the miniatures are a joy to paint..."

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