RN Estudio Head To The High Seas With Fantasy Pirates & More

October 13, 2020 by brennon

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RN Estudio has taken to the high seas with their Sailing The Seas collection this month. Their 3D Printing Patreon has gone all piratical with options for a spooky crew and something immense and monstrous too for Fantasy wargaming.

Sailing The Seas - RNEstudio

Sailing The Seas // RN Estudio

This new set of 3D Printable miniatures offers up a range of different characters that you could use for your pirate crews. You've got a good selection of Fantasy races represented here from Orcs and Dwarves through to Humans and Elves; each of which could be used as an awesome adventuring group who are seeking to take down that be-tentacled fellow at the top of the picture.

You could even print off a fair few of those undead pirates (top left) to use as his crew during a clash aboard his haunted ship. You can also add a rather massive miniature into the mix this month with this immense Sea Serpent!

Sea Serpent - RNEstudio

Sea Serpent // RN Estudio

I think you've got the makings of good D&D campaign or skirmish adventure using any one of the many rules out there. Take command of these characters and battle through skeleton hordes, a sea serpents attack and then finally that clash with the ghost captain himself. Maybe you could LeChuck him overboard?

As it's the month of beer drinking goodness that is Octoberfest the folks at RN Estudo have also made this particular miniature free too as part of their Patreon.

Octoberfest Miniature - RNEstudio

Octoberfest Miniature // RNEstudio

Who could say no to a cheesy-grinned Dwarf Pirate with a stein of beer in hand? RN Estudio has been working on this Patreon for a few months now and it seems like they have garnered quite a lot of support for their range. So, you should feel quite safe in backing what they have to offer. You just need to prepare those expert 3D Printing skills now.

Are you tempted by these salty sailors?

"Are you tempted by these salty sailors?"

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