RN Estudio Show Off Their Patreon Goodies For April

March 24, 2020 by brennon

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RN Estudio has been showing off what is coming up as part of their 3D printing Patreon in April. Backers will be able to get their hands on files under the subtitle of Crossed Paths which mixes all sorts of Fantasy goodies into the mix.

Crossing Paths Set - RNeStudio

This is a rather funky looking collection of goodies which range from the mighty and heroic through to the monstrous and the villainous. Perhaps this might even subvert a few expectations as you print up your newest roleplaying character?

I really like Vulcan in the centre, the massive Iron Golem. I could see this being a really brilliant guard for a character like a Wizard in a roleplaying game. Perhaps they could have crafted themselves a defender who makes up for their lack of strength?

As a whole, the RN Estudio collection is pretty awesome and a lot of these models are available in more traditional formats over on their webstore HERE. So, if something catches your eye consider both their Patreon and their regular webstore.

Which is your favourite from this collection?

"Which is your favourite from this collection?"

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