Get Ready To Rumbleslam Once More As TTCombat Hit The Ring

February 20, 2020 by brennon

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If you’re interested in diving in and playing out a bit of Fantasy fun on the tabletop which doesn’t involve massive armies or skirmishing warbands battling each other then maybe take a peek at the new releases for TTCombat’s Rumbleslam.

Rumbleslam Two Player Starter Set - TTCombat

There is a new Two-Player Starter Set in the mix which comes with two teams, all of the tokens and accessories you need plus the 2nd Edition Rulebook which gives you updated and tweaked rules for play as well.

Rumbleslam is a lot of fun and if you’ve never heard of it yourself then you can check out one of our Let’s Play videos here where we duke it out on the tabletop.

Rumbleslam is lots of silly fun and the team at TTCombat have been doing some really good things with the teams and personalities which pop up in its world.

Ring Lords

Talking of new teams, that’s where the Lords Of The Ring come in. These Halflings are muscle-bound fellows who won’t be heading to deal with the dark lord but instead are content with scrapping it out on the canvas.

Lords Of The Ring - TTCombat

As well as the team which includes five fighters you’ve also got the neat Halfling Referee who is clearly going to be making sure things go in your favour if you feed him enough.

You can also pick up a mighty and splinter-filled option to fight along your Halflings in Mushcles. This Treeman will be able to add his considerable bulk into the equation and maybe even the odds against some of the larger wrestlers out there.

Mushcles - TTCombat

If you fancy adding to this collection with more Rumbleslam goodness then there is also a new Championship Ring which you can buy which works as both a space to play the game and a storage option for your teams.

Rumbleslam Ring #1 - TTCombat

Rumbleslam Ring #2 - TTCombat

It’s nice to see Rumbleslam back in the mix and hopefully, we’ll see more teams popping up throughout the coming months.

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"...hopefully we’ll see more teams popping up throughout the coming months"

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