SBG Magazine Issue #14 Features HUGE Helm’s Deep Battle!

September 19, 2023 by brennon

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The Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game fanzine, SBG Magazine, has reached its fourteenth issue! With a heavy focus on The Two Towers and Helm's Deep, this is definitely worth picking up if you're a fan of the game and want to see some absolutely cracking battle reports and more.

SBG Issue #14

SBG Issue #14

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As the cover suggests, Issue #14 covers the battle of Helm's Deep as portrayed in the movies complete with masses and masses of Uruk Hai, a contingent of Elves in their gleaming armour and the stalwart defenders of Rohan holding out atop the walls. The crowning glory of the newest issue is this, the mega Helm's Deep battle report...

Helms Deep - SBG Magazine

Helm's Deep Battle Report // SBG Magazine

It is frankly outstanding and a testament to the effort that these fans have put into creating something of a love letter to the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. As well as the battle report, which is written in that awesome classic White Dwarf style, there are also articles looking at the crafting of Helm's Deep itself and a wonderful painting marathon that I need to try myself.

Painting Marathon - SBG Magazine

Painting Marathon // SBG Magazine

There is also a neat article about Gimli and why he's a fun character in the books, movies and in the game itself. Again, there is a lot of passion on show with SBG Magazine and I am always hovering over the buy button over on the Games Workshop webstore after devouring these magazines.

As well as Issue #14, you might also want to get your hands on the equally Two Towers-themed Issue #13. This issue covers another big battle as war comes to Rohan and Edoras is assaulted by Saruman and his Dunlendings.

SBG Issue #13

SBG Issue #13

There is also another great series of articles throughout concerning delving into those three initial boxed sets for The Lord Of The Rings: Strategy Battle Game (as it was back in the day) and one on Gandalf. There is also a great tactical article included where Alex from Battle Camper talks about his love for Rohan and painting horses (the fiend!).

I never tire of getting an SBG Magazine in the post (I should add, these were provided to me for free) as they are always a joy to read and remind me why I love Middle-earth and the Games Workshop game and miniatures range. If you're interested in getting a physical copy of the latest issue and want to learn more, make sure to contact the team via [email protected].

Will you be snapping up Issue #14?

"...they are always a joy to read and remind me why I love Middle-earth and the Games Workshop game and miniatures range"

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