Sci-Fi, Fantasy AND Historical! New Kits From Wargames Atlantic

March 29, 2021 by brennon

Wargames Atlantic have got quite the roadmap laid out before them for 2021 and beyond. They are working on plastic kits that cover Sci-Fi, Fantasy and many Historical periods; plugging the gaps in other ranges. We start with something alien and terrifying though...

Shadokesh Ferals - Wargames Atlantic

Shadokesh Ferals // Wargames Atlantic

The Shadokesh Ferals come from the wider Iron-Core range and are suitably terrifying as alien foes for you to face on the tabletop. As it stands, the main focus is on the Panzerjägers and Valkir for the range but if people express enough interest these might also be getting added back into the mix too.

From the comments on social media, it does look like people would be eager to snap them up. I like the poses and the general theme of the miniatures and they look like they'd work really well across a number of different games. Each of them looks lithe and deadly and the perfect fodder for you to blast with plasma rifles.

New Plastic Sets On The Horizon

This then leads me to look ahead at what Wargames Atlantic have planned for the future. In keeping with the Sci-Fi theme, we have the Cannon Fodder.

Cannon Fodder Box - Wargames Atlantic

Cannon Fodder Box // Wargames Atlantic

This set could be used as a band or prisoners who have been dragged to war but they would look equally at home as a planetary defence force. If you need rank and file soldiers then I reckon these would fit the bill.

If classic Fantasy is more your thing then you have the Goblin Warband to snatch up.

Goblin Warband Box - Wargames Atlantic

Goblin Warband Box // Wargames Atlantic

Much like with their other boxes, it comes with a selection of weapons to help make a variety of units. You could go all-in on the hand weapons and shields or throw in some spears, bows and more. Again, this feels like a set that would match pretty much any Fantasy wargame out there and feel right at home.

Moving into the Historical sphere, we also have the upcoming Boxer set which is primed for a rebellion throughout the 1800s and into the 1900s.

Boxers Box - Wargames Atlantic

Boxers Box // Wargames Atlantic

This is very much one of those sets that fills a gap in the market. I doubt there are many miniatures out there for this period of history that aren't in metal! As well as being useful for the Boxer Rebellion itself, these could obviously work as a crew of Far Eastern pirates or something more fantastical if you set your mind to it.

We also have the WWI French Infantry Box for those diving into The Great War period.

WWI French Infantry Box - Wargames Atlantic

WWI French Infantry Box // Wargames Atlantic

I absolutely love the French uniform for the period which was still swathes of bright blue! World War I is definitely one of those periods of history that should probably see more time on the tabletop. A new plastic kit of French Infantry goes some way to making it easier to dive into.

Finally, we also got a peek at something Ancient which is on the way from Wargames Atlantic.

Decline & Fall Logo - Wargames Atlantic

Decline & Fall Logo // Wargames Atlantic

Decline & Fall is going to cover, somewhat obviously, the end of the Roman Empire. It begins with Diocletian and will run directly into their Blood Oaths range too. They have already talked about a variety of helmet designs and plenty of weapons like the spatha, spear or plumbata. There is even a club or two!

More Roman previews are on the way for budding Ancient wargames and there might also be some angry Goths too. I feel like we get a lot of Roman warfare set during the height of The Empire but very little during its fall. So, this will be very fun to dive into.

Are you tempted by the new plastic sets by Wargames Atlantic?

"This is very much one of those sets that fills a gap in the market..."

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