Shadowy Folk & Musicians New From Footsore Miniatures

May 20, 2019 by brennon

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A new range of different characters have been added into the mix for Footsore Miniatures & Games' Mortal Gods and Gangs Of Rome. The first of these is the sneaky Felix The Procurer.

Felix The Procurer - Footsore Miniatures

As the self-styled King Of Pickpockets, this character will be avoiding the fighting hitting the streets of Rome. Instead, he will be wandering through the crowds stealing as much money as he can to help fund the future of his patrons.

Egyptian Ambassador

If you're looking for someone a little more upmarket, there's also the Egyptian Domina who got added into the mix.

Egyptian Domina - Footsore Miniatures

Bringing her power and position into the mix during games of Gangs Of Rome you're sure to want to try and find a way into her good books. Either that or you could test yourself against her guards and come away with all sorts of fascinating treasures.

Rally The Troops

As well as these new offerings for Gangs Of Rome there's also the new Styrix who will be rallying the troops during your games of Mortal Gods.

Styrix - Footsore Miniatures

Toot out a tune or two and you'll have your soldiers rallied for battle, ready to take on another charge either from the Athenian or Spartan forces. If you're feeling particularly spiteful you could aim a few spears in his direction.

Mount Your Trophies

In addition to some characters like those above there's also the Tropaion set which gives you two new pieces which could be used as objectives and such in-game.

Tropaions - Footsore Miniatures

These were dedicated to the gods in thanks for the victory achieved that day. They were normally made from spears and the armour of defeated foes, a ghostly reminder of those felled.

Are you delving into either of these games yourself currently?

"They were normally made from spears and the armour of defeated foes, a ghostly reminder of those felled..."

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