Fight The Skyrim Civil War With Modphius Later This Year

February 14, 2020 by brennon

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The team at Modiphius has been talking about their plans for the future of The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms. Currently, they are exploring the Skyrim Age and the Civil War which is ravaging the land between the Imperials and Stormcloaks.

Imperial Soldiers - Modiphius

As well as the options that come as part of those introductory sets you'll also have the ability to pick up some additional miniatures who can start to bolster your force as you fight out some of the bigger conflicts from the video game series.

This ties into a focus in some really interesting clashes for those playing the game in a confrontational manner. You'll be able to face off with hardened bands of warriors from both sides who are being led by some famous heroes of the age.

Stormcloak Soldiers - Modiphius

One of the key conflicts they mentioned is the Siege Of Whiterun which is one of the first big battles you fight in the game. You'll obviously need a few more soldiers for each side to get that real feel of a battle raging around you and that is where these particular sets come in.

Storytelling & Adventure

As well as the options to simply duke it out on either side of the Civil War they have also talked about the options for those diving into the game in a cooperative or solo fashion too. You'll be able to take on the role of your very own heroes who are looking to plunder barrows, fight across snowy mountain tops and venture into dark woods.

Elder Scrolls Heroes - Modiphius

They look to be doing a range of different characters to fit the bill with Khajits, Nords, Imperials and Orcs if this set is anything to go by. Of course, these could also be bandits and vagabonds who you end up meeting on the road instead!

This also means that you will need more of the terrifying undead to face. I love the idea of rocking a lot of these Draugr on the tabletop, shuffling from the barrows in search of those who would dare to disturb their slumber.

Draugr Soldiers - Modiphius

The team also talked about including a bunch of terrain for those looking to craft perfect worlds from The Elder Scrolls. That means the likes of ruins from Bleak Falls Barrows, Gaming Mats, Tombs and more which will be great for interior and exterior locations.

There is a lot for you to get your teeth into when it comes to Call To Arms it seems and there is a lot for you to read in more detail via their blog. A fascinating little nudge was towards what they have coming up after the Civil War too. Steam And Shadow will tell a new story in the continuing saga for Skyrim.

Are you tempted to give this all a go when it releases later this year?

"Are you tempted to give this all a go when it releases later this year?"

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