South Park Creators Squeeze In Some Blood & Plunder!

February 27, 2019 by brennon

Firelock Games shared something rather neat this week and we thought we'd feature it too. Trey Parker of South Park fame seems to really enjoy his Blood & Plunder!

Trey Blood & Plunder - Firelock Games

Trey Parker, pictured here with Adrien Beard have been cracking out the game on the tabletop at the South Park Studios, enjoying a bit of tabletop gaming fun. They wanted to let Firelock Games know that they've been enjoying the game and can't wait to play bigger engagements.

It's awesome to see more people enjoying the hobby. When high profile people get involved it can only be a good thing as they broaden the reach of what we all love.

Have you been getting stuck into some Blood & Plunder recently?

"It's awesome to see more people enjoying the hobby..."

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