Spartan’s Dystopian Wars Kickstarter Details Emerge

November 7, 2016 by brennon

Spartan Games have revealed some more details as to what they're aiming to do when they hit Kickstarter this month, expanding on the world of Dystopian Wars.

Ice Maiden Banner

The focus is going to be directed towards a number of different issues including Core Nation Expansion Sets giving them both naval and aerial options focused on the forces involved.

Talking of the Core Nations, they're also going to get their own Guide Books giving you thoughts on tactics and of course expanding on the background.

A new Dystopian Wars Two Player Expansion Set will also be released.

Ice Maiden Carrier

This Ice Maiden Super Carrier shows off just one of the ships coming your way...

"A fantastic story setting will see naval forces of the Prussian Empire strike out into the Baltic to engage the navy of the Russian Coalition. At the heart of the Prussian’s audacious plan is the Ice Maiden, a huge invasion Super Carrier created by the mighty Teutonic Order out of an iceberg!

The Two Player Starter Set contains over 30 highly detailed models, scenery, dice, campaign guide and rulebooks (Dystopian Wars and Dystopian: Fleet Action) – everything players need for countless hours of fun!"

It does sound rather fun and it's neat to see some of the older forces getting a look in. A series of Campaign Books will also follow on from this, pushing the narrative forward for all of the nations. You can find more detail on this HERE.

What do you think of this campaign idea?

"A new Dystopian Wars Two Player Expansion Set will also be released..."

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