Spellcrow Unleash Their Wild Beasts On Umbra Turris

December 19, 2019 by brennon

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Spellcrow Miniatures has now released two of their monstrous creatures into the mix for games of Umbra Turris and beyond. We start with their Half-Giant With Horned Helmet which we saw in some previews a few weeks ago.

Half Giant With Horned Helmet - Spellcrow

This fellow is rocking in as a mighty ogre-type warrior which could form the head of your strike force in a battle. I could see him lumbering forth at the head of a unit, ready to be the one who smashes aside shields and causes panic in the ranks. I really like what Spellcrow have been doing with their sculpting of late, especially when it comes to creatures like this which are all slabs of muscle and grim darkness.

If you like the look of mighty beasts then you've also got the Dark Faun With Axe which has now been released.

Dark Faun With Axe - Spellcrow

This model has a lot of the Oldhammer about it, especially in its pose. It's the kind of thing you might have seen in metal form back in the day but it has been given a much better sense of proportion and dynamism compared to those classic sculpts. Again, this fellow could be included as a champion or leader of a unit in your games. Maybe you could even be sent out as a group to go and hunt this fellow down?

Howling Previews

On top of these new releases, we also got a glimpse of what they have in the pipeline for early 2020 too. Here are the sketches for the Werewolves Of Valhelia.Werewolves Of Valhelia - Spellcrow

As someone who really likes werewolves, I can't wait to see how these turn out. I always loved the idea of painting up a bunch of werewolves to use as representations of my group's characters from Apocalypse and if these cut the mustard then I am all for picking them up and giving it a go. From the sketches at least, we look to be in for a nice collection.

What do you make of the monsters Spellcrow has to offer?

"As someone who really likes werewolves, I can't wait to see how these turn out..."

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