Stabby Goblins & The Shambling Undead From Spellcrow!

July 22, 2021 by brennon

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Spellcrow has been teasing some more of their upcoming Fantasy miniatures that will be finding their way into the likes of Umbra Turris soon. They have been working on some fun pieces for fans of greenskins and the undead.

Goblin Mercenary - Spellcrow

Goblin Mercenary // Spellcrow

The first of these miniatures is for this stabby little Goblin Mercenary. With a pair of punching daggers strapped to his hands, you imagine that this fellow is very happy to get stuck in and stick people! A very classic looking Goblin but with a little twist which is neat.

Moving away from the greenskins we also have the aforementioned undead. Here is another of the Zombies they have been working on recently.

Zombie - Spellcrow

Zombie // Spellcrow

I like that this Zombie is a little more animated than other shamblers. You could imagine him actually being pretty good with that axe and bone combination that he's rocking for weapons. He also has big chompers for tearing human flesh!

Looking Ahead To New Miniatures

As well as the Zombie and the Goblin, we also got a look at more of their future plans. Spellcrow seems to be working towards releasing some new Wood Elves soon.

Wood Elf Standard Bearer - Spellcrow

Wood Elf Standard Bearer // Spellcrow

This is just going to be the first of a new set of Wood Elves which are coming to Spellcrow's collection. They have also mentioned working on other heroes which you could throw into the mix. It will be interesting to see to what lengths they go with this and I am eager to see more of their designs come to fruition.

Are you liking the new previews from Spellcrow?

"I am eager to see more of their designs come to fruition..."

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