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Umbra Turris


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Unboxing: Umbra Turris Giant Spider | Spellcrow


Gerry is back for another Spellcrow Unboxing as we take a look at the 28mm Giant Spiders for use in their Fantasy wargame, Umbra Turris and beyond. 

Unboxing: Umbra Turris Goblins | Spellcrow


Gerry unboxes some of the amazing Umbra Turris Goblins from Spellcrow. These are some stunning 28mm Fantasy miniatures for their own game and of course any other wargame you could think of!

Battle The Black Knight As A Mighty Barbarian With Spellcrow


Spellcrow has a couple of new 28mm Fantasy miniatures for you to snap up and add to your collection. You have both a villainous foe and a mighty hero that could well end up facing each other on the tabletop.

Stabby Goblins & The Shambling Undead From Spellcrow!


Spellcrow has been teasing some more of their upcoming Fantasy miniatures that will be finding their way into the likes of Umbra Turris soon. They have been working on some fun pieces for fans of greenskins and the undead.

Amazing RPG Maps For Budding D&D Heroes + Adventure In Oz On Kickstarter! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out some amazing RPG maps for D&D heroes plus join an Adventure In Oz over on Kickstarter!

Spellcrow Reveal New Fantasy Monsters For The Tabletop


Spellcrow has been working away on some rather funky looking creatures for you to use in your Fantasy wargames. The world of Umbra Turris is full of quirky creatures including the mighty Lord Of Sheol-morg for example!

The Ugruk-tar Iron Skull Goblins Get Reinforced By Spellcrow


Spellcrow have been unleashing a wealth of fantasy miniatures in both 28mm and 10mm recently as they flesh out the world of Argatoria. But before you get caught up in the tiny world of 10s it's worth remembering that they already have a great range of 28s along with a skirmish game that you can download for free from their website Umbra Turris.

Spellcrow Show Of A Stylish Minotaur For Umbra Turris


Spellcrow does some stunning work for the Umbra Turris range and their latest big monster which will be available soon is this Minotaur. 

Spellcrow Show Off Their New Dryad, A Guardian Of Nature


Spellcrow Miniatures has added another character into the mix for the world of Umbra Turris.

Spellcrow Unleash Their Wild Beasts On Umbra Turris


Spellcrow Miniatures has now released two of their monstrous creatures into the mix for games of Umbra Turris and beyond.

Spellcrow Unveil Their Dastardly Dark Faun For Umbra Turris


Spellcrow has been showing off another new model in the mix for the world of Umbra Turris. Here we have their snarling Dark Faun.

Spellcrow Arm Their New & Updated Half Giant Miniature


Spellcrow has been seriously upping the game with their latest set of releases. For example, here is the work-in-progress on their new Half Giant which is going to be coming soon.

Spellcrow Tease Brutal Black Knights For Umbra Turris


Spellcrow has been chatting about some of their new goodies coming out for Umbra Turris.

Spellcrow Go Hunting With New Crossbow Wielding Dyniaq


Spellcrow has been showing off a newcomer to their Dyniaq range which is becoming more and more tempting by the day.

Halloween Sees Spellcrow’s Secret Garden In English!


If you're interested in the wonderfully whimsical and weird world of Umbra Turris by Spellcrow and the expanding Dyniaq range then you'll be pleased to know they have plans to release the skirmish rules for The Secret Garden in English on Halloween.

Collected Elves & Dwarves Coming To Umbra Turris Soon


Spellcrow is introducing some new options into the mix for those playing Umbra Turris.

Spellcrow Scamper About With Their Iron Skulls Goblins


Spellcrow is expanding upon two of their different ranges this week. The first releases come for their Battle For Morten collection and the Iron Skulls.

New Haunted Moor Supplement For Umbra Turris Drops


Umbra Turris is expanding with a new supplement thanks to Spellcrow. Welcome to the strange and eerie Haunted Moor.

Spellcrow Collect Their Characters Into Cabals


Spellcrow has collected their range of characters into a range of boxes, themed around a particular theme. 

Spellcrow Release Two New Angry Looking Dwarves


Spellcrow are back at doing what they do well with two new Dwarf models for you to snap up. The first of these is a Dwarf With Two-Handed Hammer. 

Spellcrow Hire Temple Guards For Umbra Turris


Spellcrow have released a new set of heroic figures for Umbra Turris; the Temple Guard.

The Dark Fauns Begin To Lumber Out Of Spellcrow


Spellcrow have shown off some more concept art work for their Dark Faun which are coming soon. This latest piece is for a rather large beast that stands at around 40mm on the tabletop. See what you think...

Spellcrow’s Umbra Turris Rules & Cards In English!


Spellcrow have now added some English Language Quest Cards for Umbra Turris, their Fantasy skirmish game. Have you given this Fantasy world a go?

A Wandering Hobgoblin Joins The Spellcrow Cast


There are plenty of adventures where your heroes run into odd folks along the road so how about this new Hobgoblin from Spellcrow who looks like he might have a spell or two up his sleeve...

Spellcrow Look For Polish Names For Their New Bad Guys!


Delve into the world of Umbra Turris in Polish and help the folks at Spellcrow come up with a cool name for their new tomb robbing faction!

The Printed Rules for Umbra Turris Appear From Spellcrow


Spellcrow have announced that the printed 2nd edition rules for Umbra Turris will be heading out and have given us our first look at the book itself.

Spellcrow Resculpt A Rather Deadly Looking Knight


See what you think of this interesting looking knight from Spellcrow that has gone through the resculpting process to make him more anti-hero-ish!

Light a Lamp to See Spellcrow’s Latest Orc


Spellcrow is continuing to work on new versions of the Umbra Turris greenskins, with their latest orc shining a light on the situation.

Spellcrow’s Hobgoblin Gets a Spiffy New Version


Spellcrow have been working on their Umbra Turris fantasy minis and decided to give some of them a bit of an update. Check out the new version of the Hobgoblin.

Learn The Rules Of Spellcrow’s Umbra Turris For Free!


Dive into the world of Umbra Turris with the rules for Spellcrow's skirmish game now available in English!

Have a Hoot With Spellcrow


What do you think of when I talk about a winged creature which stalks silently through the night? Why, you think of Spellcrow's new Owl mini of course.

The Undead Shuffle Out of Spellcrow


Spellcrow have released their great zombie pieces as complete sets. Check out these rotting remnants!

Spellcrow’s Halloween Lord Keeps Things Scary


Spellcrow show off their new Halloween Lord ready to take over the night even though the witching hour has passed.

A Halloween Mage Is Grown in the World of Spellcrow


Spellcrow show off their new Halloween Mage, the interesting and homegrown Dyniaq...

A Learned Dwarf Crafts the Runes with Spellcrow


Spellcrow welcome another Dwarf to the world of Umbra.

A Battle Ready Dwarf from Spellcrow!


Spellcrow unleash a Dwarven champion bellowing onto the battlefield.

The Zombies Rise Up From Spellcrow!


Zombies lurch from the earth with Spellcrow!

Something Nasty Dwells in the Forests of Spellcrow


Spellcrow have now released their new horrific denizen of the sylvan depths of the woods. The Demon of the Woods!

Spellcrow Rock Druid Style!


Ever wonder where all those structures like Stone Henge came from? Well Spellcrow have the answer with the release of the new Dwarf Druid along with his own awesome Menhir.

Watch Your Back with Spellcrow’s Halfling About


This sneaky little Halfling has probably stolen all your gold already!

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